You are the hero

March 25, 2022

You are the hero. As you examine your world today and begin to think something has gone wrong and you look for the person who will make things better, you will discover it is you. Now you know the intention of our work. 

When you examine your life now and wonder how it could become any better, you will discover your answer in what we gave you in 2012. We will place it below, for we will continue to operate this way so more of you develop self-belief, for it will be challenging for you to not find yourself in the message we will leave, for it is operating in your life now.

We told Roger not to read the entire message but place it below. He, like you, has had difficulty believing in his gift as you have, but that is also why we are here. You will be fine. 

March 25, 2012
You are always enough, and self-doubt is good. While that statement may feel to you that it holds conflict, the subjective phrasing of it will help you understand your physical life journey on a deeper level.

Your intention when you decided to come onto the physical plane was expansion. Every moment you are on the planet causes this to happen because you continually have new experiences. Every experience, whether you enjoy it or not, holds that every expansion.

When you have the feeling of self-doubt, that is a call for greater expansion. Your asking for that expansion means that it is always answered. It would help if you simply looked for it. 


Your Liberation Is A Moment Away –

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