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You are using your current experience of fear to evolve

August 27, 2020

You are using your current experience of fear to evolve. We are speaking to you individually, the world at large, and the United States in particular. You might wonder how we know that we know it is you who is doing that, and unlike you, we know that you never end up in accidental places, and if you were not meant to read this message, you wouldn’t be here. It is challenging for many to accept this, for you have spent significant portions of your life denying who you are or that you have guidance. 

First of all, it might ease your fears if we tell you how it all turns out. You will evolve, recognize, and own your gifts, become abundant, and come to love and accept yourself more. We know this because you have done it before, so the only question you have to answer is how long you will allow that to take? The current times of your world are urging you to answer that question. Most times, you resist the information, which causes physical illness, depression, and lack. Roger felt his resistance yesterday and convinced himself he might be sick, which at the same time he knew wasn’t’ the case, just like you have done when you have recognized your distractions.

We said the United States would lead the world in its restructuring, which you will witness more of tonight. You are asking one question of yourself, the world, and specifically the United States. That question is, do I choose love or fear? We have given this message to Roger for decades, but his current conditions allow him to understand and accept it, as will you, eventually. 

The repeated message. 

“While it may seem to you at times that you have many different choices to make when presented with any situation, circumstance, or event in your life, the fact is you only have two choices, and those are love or fear.

We are not referring to any relationship outside of yourself; it is merely referring to the choices you make regarding you. You choose love when you decide to be precisely, and you choose fear when you attempt to hide or discount who you are.”


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