They all held fear and doubt

March 23, 2022

They all held fear and doubt. We are speaking to you today about your life and world. They are currently in the same state of being, and you have the opportunity to help your evolutionary journey and your world as well. Your lack of acceptance of that paragraph has been your only life challenge.

 You will look at your world today and want to find the solution, the answer, and the certainty in the current events. You are finding it difficult, and at the same time, you are working against yourself. You can do much more when you understand that the fear and doubt you have experienced throughout your life have also provided you with wisdom and knowledge you could use now when you remember what we said some time ago. You have confused your teachers with your leaders. You are the leader of your life, and all others who came before were your teachers.

This morning Roger had some skin abrasions, which have been a challenge since birth. But he also spent years understanding and utilizing the mind-body connection. He has known part of his journey was to bring greater understanding and awareness to the merging of science and spirituality to further human development and potential.  We then led him to two videos that he understood entirely but allowed his doubt to hold back what he might offer. One video was a scientist explaining that connection which Roger has utilized, and the other was a spiritual leader who is no longer in physical form, and Roger felt he was to carry on with their work. That last sentence was the point of this message.

You each carry a gift within you that you were meant to acknowledge and utilize to help your evolution and the restructuring of your world. Make fear and doubt your friends. Every leader, inventor, philosopher, or influencer used their fear and doubt to add something new to your world, and you possess that opportunity now, and it is all in your thinking. We will continue to help, and you will be fine.  


Your Liberation Is A Moment Away –

The world needed you here now

March 22, 2022

The world needed you here now. We wanted to attract your attention, for we knew you would be somewhat confused when you examined your world today and questioned its direction. We told you that restructuring is occurring in your world and obviously within you or would not be here.

You are alive now because you wanted to accept and embody more of your innate gifts, which you have either judged or resisted. No matter what you have done, you will now have the opportunity to resolve those conflicts within you that are being reflected in your world. We don’t expect you to understand that entirely now, but the message we gave you on this day in 2012 was meant to aid you today. 

We continually use dates and events that occurred before because you carry doubt about the timing and perfection of your existence, and our only goal has been to help you move beyond your fear and doubt. We had Roger find the precise message and intent of all the work we have done with him and what he was meant to bring forth as you are intended to do for your world to evolve. And for this particular shift in your world to become successful, you must own all of yourself, which is why the world needed you here now. You will be fine. 

“Anything that shows up in your physical life experience that you would call an obstacle is always for your highest good. It may appear that something is getting in the way of where you desire to go; however, in actuality, it is helping you to arrive there.

You set forth the goal of expansion, evolving, and becoming more for yourself. In order to accomplish this, many times, you need additional motivation to find a better or more productive way, and the obstacle helps you find it.

Sometimes the way you have chosen is not leading you to that destination, so the obstacle helps you avoid that delay. In either case, it is for your good, and when you begin to recognize this, you will also even become grateful for your obstacles.”

You may now understand our work in a new way, and what we desired for your to understand and embody is detailed here:


Your Liberation Is A Moment Away –

My Work

The intent of all the work I do and the programs I create are contained in the following paragraphs. Every client or participant must come to this understanding for them to be happy and prosperous to contribute to our world.

Roger Burnley

“Your story is unique and valuable. It is unique because no other soul shares precisely your story. It holds the utmost value for you. Your story is comprised of everything your past holds, including all that has occurred for you, happened to you, everything you have done, every person you have met, and every word you have spoken. All of it has been and always will be perfect.

Your only “job” then is to seek to know the perfection of your story. Any aspect of your particular story that you attempt to ignore, dismiss, or judge will cause you to experience some difficulty because you are refusing to receive the information and wisdom that
your story holds.”


Please begin again

March 21, 2022

Please begin again. Those are the words we said to Roger this morning, but they would also go well with you. We have said you and the world are moving through a massive restructuring, and you are alive because you desired to restructure yourself. You are doing what your world is doing, and as more of you come to understand that statement, you will accomplish your life goal.

You are not the same person you were yesterday and definitely an infinitely changed person due to the past several years in your world. But what might not have changed is your awareness of who you have become, and at those times, changing your environment will help with your mindset. We will give you an example to find in your life.

We advised Roger to change his program after today. We also sent him information on a new company that would benefit him as he has accepted the program’s value; it needs to find a new audience. Roger had two events scheduled today that he knew would not serve the best purpose, but out of his feeling of obligation, he was reluctant to cancel even though his intuition said to go with the new company. He listened to us.

As you examine your world today, you might continue to interpret things as a battle between good and bad or evil. We would like you also to consider it a battle between old and new, and it is occurring within each of you. Roger is aware that his initial doubt of what he received had influenced the delivery of the product, but now he knows he could make a more significant difference if he were to focus on what is new.

We are giving you this message for each of you would be wise to work on what is new within your thinking of who you are and what you thought of your potential. You sit in a new place in your life and world if you can embrace your gift. We told Roger to find one passage we gave you in 2012 and place it here for it will help some of you who are limited by linear time also to know your chronological age need not restrict your contribution when you own who you are now.

“Now, with the new awareness you possess, you can make new choices that can directly deliver to you results that may be even more to your liking, but more importantly, your further attempts provide you with the same opportunity to gather even more awareness and knowledge.”

You will be fine.  


Your Liberation Is A Moment Away –

You will accept yourself more

March 20, 2022

You will accept yourself more. As you examine your world, we know that you might begin to question your reason for being alive now and that only occurs for you when you momentarily forget you are an eternal spiritual being. You wanted to be here now so you might evolve and cause further expansion on your evolutionary journey that is uniquely yours.

The message we gave you in 2012 would aid you now. We will post it below and do your best to accept our words, and you will move through this period with greater ease.

“Your truth is always correct. Many subjective words will be used here so that you might better grasp the meaning behind the message. In actuality, your personal truth is merely a collection of ideas and beliefs that you have come to accept at this place in your life. There is no correct or right or wrong truth in human experience, but just what you hold as that truth. 
It becomes essential for you to express that truth, for it will cause you to ask more questions, receive opinions from others, and compare your truth to others. This entire process is what ultimately causes your spiritual expansion. Eventually, you come to know that your truth and that of others are all correct because they drive the evolution of the whole or mass consciousness.” 


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Your Liberation Is A Moment Away –

Liberation and healing are the same

March 19, 2022

Liberation and healing are the same. Please give this message more consideration than you might have our other advice. You are in the world now for your healing; otherwise, there would have been no reason for your birth.

We have said your world is moving through a massive restructuring which none of you have experienced. We also told you chose this time to be alive with its complexities because it might enable you to liberate yourself from your self-imposed limitations and restrictions. They can cause restrictions in your physical body which Roger has experienced his entire life. 

We held a live conversation yesterday that was moving for Roger, and he decided to send the recording to his entire mailing list, and he shared it on social media. He then received what he feared and what had kept him in bondage which was a judgment from another who thought our words were not the ones he should be speaking. 

Here is the part we would like you to understand, and it might tell you why you are alive now and how you might help with the healing of yourself and the world. The person said Roger should follow Jesus. Roger said, “I do. I talked with him, and he said I should do as he did and believe that I possess as much as any person granted by God. And Jesus said to love one another and have no judgment.”

That was the moment of Roger’s further liberation. Then he noticed the pain in his foot was gone, and the surgery he thought he needed was no longer necessary. The pain in his shoulder we mentioned in the conversation yesterday was released more. Then we reminded him of the book “Spontaneous Healing, which has been made even more real for him, for he’s experienced it before and speaks of it rarely.  

The more of you who liberate yourself will not only accomplish your goal in this lifetime but aid your world. And not believing you are that essential has been the difficulty in your life and your world at large, which is why you all asked for a restructuring to liberate yourself to cause healing in your world. Study this again, and you will be fine.  


Yesterday’s replay:

The timing of your birth was perfect

March 18, 2022

The timing of your birth was perfect. You might not have believed that throughout much of your life and especially today but more of you will understand that statement after our live conversation with you today.

We had Roger give you a hint last night when he threw in a statement from us in his broadcast, which was there were no insignificant people ever born, only those unwilling to discover their significance.

You have become far more valuable now to yourself and the world because of the wise decision to come to the world when you decided and choose to live through a massive restructuring. You might finally feel that significance for which you have always searched. You will be fine.  


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You have never known your value

March 17, 2022

You have never known your value. Now you know why you are alive at this time in your world but more specifically, your evolutionary journey. Today we are giving this message to Roger, and you can each listen in for you will find the similarities in your life. 

We have said you are moving through a massive restructuring in your world and life. You have never experienced what you have in the last few years. Those events have caused you to access parts of yourself previously unknown which is the process of evolution. But somehow, you thought it wasn’t for you. 
We are having a challenging time with this message, for we must first move beyond Roger’s anger, and many of you will experience the same when you discover who you are and how you have held yourself back, and many, like Roger, have done it for eons. 

Roger has been anxiously attempting to get others to take the program we provided and found himself frustrated because he could not convey the value, so he kept referring to the price. But there was more to it than that. He had to know his value first, and he has never done that throughout his life. And that is the restructuring we meant for him. 
As he exhausted himself yesterday and was ready to retire, we told him to search our words for the references to The United States we have given you over the last few years. As he read them, he exclaimed, “my life is changed forever!” He saw the value, and that is where his anger took over, which he will get over, for we had to prepare him for our live conversation with you tomorrow. 

Roger saw that we had given him all the information about what was occurring in your world. He saw that what we said about 2012 was accurate in his timeline. Finally, he understood why he was not as fearful as others, and the reason he understood more is because we gave it to him. 

Every message we gave in 2012 was to prepare you for your world and life now, and everything we gave you from 2020 was to prepare you for tomorrow. We want Roger to record himself reading some of those messages, for it will be more helpful for you. Let’s use our term and call this series “A Guide To Your Restructuring” We will have him record them in parts and place them in chronological order so you won’t miss the synchronicity.

Then, we want him to make a new decision about his value and our program; he woke up broke again as he always gives to others first. That must change so he can help his restructuring and that of your world. You will be fine. 


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You were born with your gifts

March 16, 2022

You were born with your gifts. We would like you to pay particular attention to this message. Your understanding will enable you to utilize better the information we will provide in our live conversation this Friday. We asked Roger to call it “The Spiritual Solution to Your Life and World.”

We used your world because we would like for you to think bigger. If you had done so, your world would not be in its current state. But far too many have believed in your insignificance over generations. And it created an imbalance in your world that you are now to alter. 

Many of you have difficulty understanding because it causes you to step outside of your comfort zone. You have feared that unknown as Roger did but no longer does due to our work with him as we’ve attempted to provide to you all. Still, he did the same thing as you, as he did not acknowledge his gift, for he judged it as you have judged many things about yourself, and that is the element we would like you to release, and the coming full moon Friday is an excellent opportunity for you to do so.

For the last few years, we have said that you were moving through a massive restructuring that none of you have experienced in physical form, but you have lived it in spirit, which is your real existence. We will give you another hint that Roger recently discovered. In our work, we wanted you to understand that everything you are doing now is helping to shape your life and future world, and that is why you are here.

We said there would be a time when you would have to choose, and it is before you. We threw in the idea of quantum physics as some of you might understand that as you progress in your civilizations, you discover new tools to help you evolve and affect the collective, which is how you create your world.

You contribute by getting out of your way and getting on with accomplishing your mission here, for you each have one. Still, you might not have believed it or judged it, and that is why we have held every live conversation. Those who attended or listened to the recordings have found accuracy in the information we provided, which is manifest in your world today. We wanted you to believe in yourself. 

You sit at a pivotal place in your life to affect that change within yourself which is the same as your world, for you are that powerful when you decide to believe you are. You will be fine.  


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Your opportunity is before you now

March 15, 2022

Your opportunity is before you now. We will bring together some key points we have given you over the years, along with what we provided in our live conversations. 
We said you chose a time to be born because you knew it would be the best possible time on your evolutionary journey to coincide with the conditions of your world to enable you to choose who you wanted to become. You made that choice because some part of your expansion you had yet to complete. 

Then we said you would use fear and doubt to navigate your way through your life. You have done that because you wanted to arrive at love. We then informed you that your essence was needed in the world now, for you would add your energy to the collective and aid your world in this restructuring. 

Finally, we told you that you hold all the power. We mean you each do, and when you put the energies of all souls together, you create your world. The only manner you accomplish your original life goal is to love yourself, for then that is the energy you will add to the world. 

That collective energy of love will change the current conditions existing in your world if more of you decide to love yourself now. It might make more sense to you now why we said the world you wanted to see is not guaranteed. And why we told you your value has increased. That is why we told you this was the time you wanted to be alive, and the opportunity before you now is to decide to love yourself regardless of any other conditions.

You will then complete both your missions, for they are, in fact, one. You will understand this later, and you will be fine.  


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