Trust yourself more

March 24, 2022

Trust yourself more. You are in the world now, so you might experience this time on your evolutionary journey moving through the restructuring of your world. It would be challenging for you not to notice the multitude of events in your world that none of you have experienced.  We have continually referred to 2012, for it was another pivotal shift in your world. We told Roger we gave him everything that any of you would need to know, but that was an intellectual understanding. It only becomes valuable to your soul when you come to understand it while in physical form as Roger did today. We have used the term the integrity of your physical life experience for decades that he only understood entirely today. We had him hear a video from another channel that offered similar information but used different words.

It was evident to Roger that they had more access to information on an intellectual basis through formal education. That is one thing Roger has used not to trust himself because he did not possess that formal education, yet he understood it all as you might understand the message we left for you in 2012 that would help you understand your world a bit more and decide to trust yourself more. You have that integrity operating in your life now. You will be fine.  

July 13, 2012

The timing of all events, circumstances, and situations that show up in your physical life experience is always perfect for you. It is perfect because it provides you with clues, so to speak, of the Divine Plan that is laid for you. 

You often do not notice this, for you have learned the habit of being impatient and lacking trust. Yes, they are indeed habits that have been reinforced for many years throughout your life.

When you make an honest attempt to notice the timing, its perfection will become evident for you. It can even be in the smallest situations or moments, but that is enough for you to begin to trust the integrity of your physical life journey. 


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