You will believe and trust yourself more

March 29, 2022

You will believe and trust yourself more. That is the awareness you gain as you strive to fulfill your mission. You did have one, and it is before you now and that of your world.

We said you are moving through a restructuring, so your fear and doubt would have been natural, but now is when you meant to come to more understanding. Last night Roger decided to look for a particular phrase he thought he remembered from a live conversation. In his effort, he listened to several of the recordings going back to last year and was surprised to hear how much of what we said is visible in your world now.

Even with that experience, he still, this morning, began to doubt again because we said to him we gave you the message for today on this very date in 2012, and it will be appropriate for all who read it today, and it will apply to the lives of each of you and your world. You will be fine.

March 29, 2012

All limits in the physical world are human-made, and you set any limitations you experience in your personal reality. The word limit is being used purposefully, for it will help you gather the deeper meaning of this concept. Limits here refers to what is generally thought of as possible or impossible by your society or you specifically. 

The process of evolution is breaking limits, meaning proving what was once thought impossible to be possible. This is the same process of evolution you experience in your personal world.

Now you will think there are limits placed upon you by societal laws, but even in this case, you have the choice to obey those laws or not.

The conclusion then must be nothing is impossible. 


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