Please suspend your disbelief

March 30, 2022

Please suspend your disbelief. We recognize that you are experiencing uncertainty in your life and world, but it is also what you desired. In this case, we refer to your life individually and your world at large. We also said it was restructuring, and disbelief would be natural. None of you have experienced this period. We continually move Roger beyond his to inspire you. We did so again today, but it will be surprisingly helpful for you.  We told him again to find the message on this date in 2012 and place it here for you each will experience resonance, and it is meant to inspire you to more self-belief before our live conversation this Friday. You will be fine.  

March 30, 2012

Everything you have done until now has been perfect. It was all perfect because it left you in this now position of gaining greater awareness and wisdom. It is not possible for you to go back and change anything in your past; however, it is possible for you to think about it differently, which has an impact on your now. There are no accidents in the Universe, and when you accept that, you avail yourself to everything you desired to gain from your physical life experiences. Simply remain peaceful in your now and everything opens for you. 


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