You have limited your abundance

March 26, 2022

You have limited your abundance. When we use the word abundance, most will think of money, but it can also mean anything else you desire in your life. When you are born, those desires are present, but you may have doubted yourself and not felt deserving of whatever would cause your life to feel abundant.

You are in the world now to experience the restructuring of your world, so you might restructure yourself and stop blocking your abundance, which is the term we had Roger use last night. Roger is currently attending a workshop titled unblinded appropriately. The leader of this group went physically blind at a younger age, but that is what has also allowed him to see. As Roger listened, he heard so many of our words that he could have said them before the presenter. The only difference was the leader was a multimillionaire.

Then Roger felt his regret which we have said many of you might experience at this time for you too will see where you have held yourself back and therefore blocked your abundance only because you could not become yourself entirely.

We had Roger write about the healing of his cluster headaches yesterday. It is another thing he has accomplished and did not talk about and inadvertently held back his abundance and did not make the contribution to others as he intended.

You each have something to use in your life to act as a target to keep striving for evolvement, and Roger’s has been money.  We will leave a portion of one of the several messages we have provided on the subject but now that he has more proof, he will stop blocking his abundance, and you will release something that has held you back, and your world will be better for your effort. We will explain more tomorrow, but you will be fine.

December 14, 2011

“You are never truly seeking money. While you may argue that money is what you need in order to survive, that is purely your physically oriented thinking and was never your intention while on your physical life journey. You seek the value, recognition, and worth that the money represents. That representation itself also becomes the value that you set upon yourself.”


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