Your significance will become known to you

March 31, 2022

Your significance will become known to you. That sentence serves several purposes. It gives you an idea of the information we will deliver in our live conversation tomorrow, and it reveals the intent we have always held for you, Roger, and our work. 

There are no insignificant people ever born, but you can choose to make different choices, which most humans will do. But, it is only in that manner that you discover your significance, and then you are the one who must decide to take ownership of every aspect of yourself and the gifts you discover, for they are within you. 

We said you were moving through a restructuring, and how you thought of yourself and your world would change. You are the one who must accept your new self, for you are far more powerful than ever, and that is why you are more significant in your world now. Thank you for being here. And that is what we will explain tomorrow because nothing occurs accidentally. You will be fine.  


“How to accept the next transition of your life”
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