You Never Win a Human Fight

We are giving you information today to which some of you will relate, and the others can choose to think of it as another fairytale. Still, regardless of which path you take, your attempt to accept this information will help you traverse the next steps of your restructuring and that of your world.

We have said, as many of your religions have also said, you are eternal spiritual beings. You come into the world at specific times, so you might future expand and evolve on your evolutionary journey. When you incarnate into the world, you do so in particular places and within specific human existence frameworks. You do that because that place you chose offered you the best opportunity to fulfill some aspect of your being that you previously restricted or did not believe you possessed.

During these life visits, you will attach yourself to particular beliefs and ideologies that you feel resonate for you and, in some way, represent who you are or at least who you aspired to be. As you move along, you begin to form a sense of belonging or acceptance with your group, which may be ethnic, political, religious, spiritual, or some nationalistic formation. You rely on those institutions and structures for your sense of purpose and power.

You have often done this by making countries wrong, races, bad, and even the gender of a person was wrong because if you could accomplish that feat, then magically, you would be more powerful. Then you die or leave your physical form and discover that you could not win the fight because you were fighting with yourself.

You discover in every incarnation you decide to have that you were not better than others. Others were not better than you, and the only way you evolve individually and collectively is to decide on oneness, for there is more power in the whole.

Study that cryptic message, but we will say you have only been fighting with yourself during this restructuring. You wanted to own every aspect of yourself, for when you do so, your restructuring will be successful, and the new world that will begin to manifest will be the one you all desired. You will be fine.


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