Fear and Vulnerability Are Your Gifts

And then, when you add in uncertainty, you have a winning combination for greatness. Now you understand what is before you and why you wanted to be alive now. You wanted to face all those things and know why they were in your life. You wanted to achieve your original goal of self-actualization, which is why you desired this restructuring.

We know the challenges you are facing now, and we will also say it is not accidental, just as reading our words now was not a random event that occurred in your life. When you come into the world, you don’t know what you will accomplish or what you might experience, but your higher-self, your guides, your gods, or God are always offering you guidance which you alternately listen to believe, doubt, and most times fear. That, too, is what you wanted.

You were given everything you needed at birth to create whatever version of success you wanted to experience. Still, you must accept who you have become at each juncture of your life journey for that to occur. You are given examples along the way to help you. They are your historical figures, but they are also those here now who have experienced a part of the journey you have yet to know, and they will provide you that guidance and comfort.

We told you we compiled our program in that manner. Roger has come to know this on a deep level but still needs further confirmation to continue to move through his fear and doubt. We had Roger send a broadcast and video yesterday where he revealed more of his life, for he felt that others did not understand the significance of what he has accomplished with our guidance. Roger still seeks examples from others to feel secure as you each do and you were meant to do so. Then we led him to an interview Will Smith had with Oprah, and we have mentioned them both before for their impact on Roger’s life. Both Will and Oprah understand the title of this broadcast.

Roger never completely understood why he continually used Will’s speech on skydiving to explain the experience of moving beyond fear. Will has experienced a similar spiritual integration. Will’s many revelations might be shocking to most, but not to Roger. Will explained his process, and it was identical to ours, and Roger and Will know why they are here now, as will you. You will be fine.


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