Fear and Doubt are Tools You Were Given

We have said you and your world are moving through a restructuring, and it would be natural for you to experience those emotions now as you examine your life and that of your world, but we told you this would occur in 2012 to help prepare you for this transition.
You have done many of these before, but you may not have any memory of that, which is why we awakened more of Roger’s memory. Still, he too had to move through his fear and doubt, and we must say that after more than forty human years of trying, we finally succeeded in having him see beyond that veil many of you seek or at least hope exists.

This morning we led him to a video of Kryon, which Roger knows he heard years ago, but it made more sense today. The 2012 change we mentioned was discussed, and the harmonic convergence of 1987. They were pivotal times in the shift in trajectory on your planet as is this time, and you are here to usher in a new world if you own who you are now.

We will give you a bit more each day as we come to our live conversation on Saturday. You each will hear things in our words that will spark your memory, as Roger experienced when he listened to Kryon for the dates we have mentioned were shared, so Roger took greater comfort in accepting our information, as will you.

You would be reading and following us if you desired to move beyond your fear and doubt and feel a greater sense of your power and purpose. But you needed first to become more empowered. You would have had some difficulty believing in your dream and talent, and you have been heavily influenced by the opinions of others and never allowed yourself to feel the essence of who you are. You will now, which is why you are here, and you will be fine.


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