Confessions From a Reluctant Mystic

We had Roger use that title for two reasons. The first was we wanted to capture your attention. You have been unwilling to acknowledge something in your life about yourself and your importance in the world, especially in light of its current conditions. Now you understand why we wanted your attention.

You decided to be live now to experience the current restructuring of your world, for it was the best time for you to evolve. We know that these times have been troubling for many, and our consistent positive enforcement has aided some of you, but we decided to go a bit deeper today to prepare for our live conversation tomorrow. The subject of which will not come as a surprise to you.

You have been changed by recent times, and it was a part of your evolution, and you are the one who must decide to accept your life mission now, and we know that it is to offer your essence, and that can only happen when you choose to accept every aspect of yourself and your life so far. We gave you our program in 2012 for this purpose, and that is the one element that you and Roger had difficulty accepting, but hopefully, this message will instill a bit more faith and belief.

Yesterday in a meeting where Roger was asked to introduce himself, we had him say, “today, I am a reluctant mystic.” He even explained why he said that even though he wasn’t entirely sure. You each have operated in this manner, for you, too, have been offered guidance and help. That is the second reason we wanted him to use the title of this message.

Then at our usual 3 AM, we awakened him and told him to look up the meaning of the word mystic and decide to embody it as this was when he and you were meant to actualize what you are here to do, which is to help usher in the new world as we said.

Immediately after that, we had him hear a video that mentioned 2012, and it is explained with a type of clarity that none of you will miss if you have attended or listened to our channeling sessions. After that, he heard a video that confused him as he couldn’t figure out how he ended up there, for it was filled with a broad range of conspiracy theories. As he listened in shock, he also knew this was happening in your world but felt there was nothing he could do, as many of you might have thought, which is incorrect, and we will explain more tomorrow.

You are moving into a collaborative time, and we asked Roger to share the video for more incredible credulity.

Then we led him to a video on bio-neurology as that is an integral part of the construction of our program, and what more of you will come to understand and you will better understand your changing life and world. You will be fine.


Here is the video:

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