No One is Better Than You

We are using a subjective human term to explain the purpose of this restructuring and what you wanted to discover. In your process of self-discovery, you also come to understand that you are no better than any other.

You will find it challenging to find your definition of the word better, so to prove our point, we had Roger ask a question on Facebook last night, and we’ll give it to you here for it will help you understand the intent of this message. What we asked was which cat was better? Then we said your answer could not include something about the cat you like personally. When you discover there is no answer to that question, you can question yourself and ask why you have made yourself less than others?

Roger has often said that he doesn’t talk about things he can’t prove, and that is a part of his path and why we gave him a program that would aid him and everyone. Still, he has difficulty accepting it entirely as you have had trouble accepting what you believe you were born to do, but it will be before you now due to the changes in your world.

You each must become more vulnerable now, for it is how you fulfill your goal and help heal your world. Yesterday we had Roger record a video that said he coaches from his beliefs. But today, to prove the point and cause him to be more vulnerable, we asked him to attach the document he found from 2016 where he knew the path forward but needed the “right” time. You may read it, for it will also give you hints to follow on your journey. None of this is new. You will be fine.


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