Your Struggle is Internal

We will give you some of this information each day as we come to our live conversation with you this Saturday. We have said your world is moving through a massive restructuring, and we also mentioned it was occurring within you, for that is why you wanted to be alive at this time.

Some of the events in your world will seem confusing. Many of you might begin to believe your world is falling apart but what is occurring is you are being aided in your healing. You will be the only one who will allow that to happen, which is why you are struggling.

There is explosive energy in your world that is coming to a breaking point, but it will be different than most think, and this is where you come in. The balance of power in your world needs to be readjusted. Too many of you had forgotten your goal of oneness. It is not something that occurred suddenly, for it has been in the works for eons, which is why we also said this is the most consequential lifetime you will have.

We understand some of you will not understand that paragraph which is why we have revealed more to Roger because he became more willing to believe himself. He has accomplished that because we kept showing him the efficacy of the program we gave you all in 2012 because he carried that lack of belief as each of you has, which is why you wanted to be here now to evolve more, and that occurs when you own and love yourself.

We will give you one tip to use this week. When you examine the events of your world, you must separate yourself from any group thinking and then ask yourself what is true for you and decide to make and own that decision and live it this time. If you still have fear and doubt, that is what you want to heal. We have thrown in some cryptic words; some will understand, but you all will be fine.


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