Your Past Was Perfect

We are giving you what you will understand after our live conversation with you later today. It is not possible for your past not to have been perfect. You set it up in a manner so that you could come to understand your history and let go of your judgment so you might recognize how valuable you have become.

Now you will know why we entitled the talk today with that subject matter, but we gave it to you in 2012. We keep referring to that year because it touches on the lack of belief in yourself due to your lack of understanding of why you had the life you have had so far and what you are meant to do with it now, for that is also something you orchestrated.

We said that your world is restructuring, and for it to be successful and create the world you want, it becomes necessary for more of you to realize the greatness you have now, which could only have been accomplished through every experience you have had. We had Roger look at the registration list, so we do know the collective energy you carry, and when you understand more of your past and recognize your value, your life will blossom and that of your world. We will aid you, and you will be fine.


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