Accepting this message will change your life and the world

Accepting this message will change your life and the world

Here is another ascension gift. These messages and a live conversation from February 19, 2012, will aid you today. Following is the eBook we mentioned.

February 19, 1989

Yes, it is indeed wise for you to realize how powerful you are and also to acknowledge the innate benevolence of your being. You seem to consistently maintain a subtle fear that somehow you would use your power in an ego-oriented way to the detriment of others. The truth for you is exactly the opposite, for the more you gain, you give away. 

The anger you sense or hostility at times, as you have also been aware of, is not truly directed at others but merely a reflection of your inner frustration with the intellectual knowledge of your power and your simultaneous restriction of that power, which causes friction. 

It is everyone’s power to do with as they please, and your individual way is becoming more clear and purposeful for you. Be careful of the instilled limitations which would not have you own your worth. Relax and enjoy.

February 19, 2008

It is indeed important for you to acknowledge and appreciate what you have already accomplished and give yourself a pat on the back, as it were. In this

manner, you build up your storehouse of creativity and believe more and more in your ability. 

You do spend a great deal of your time thinking about

how much there is to do, and this can be exactly like a weight you have placed upon yourself. 

Rejoice in your manifestations, and this is true

“enlightenment.” The journey is meant to be fun. Inject some of that today.

February 19, 2009

You are always seeking to know, experience, and accept your own truth. You knew that on your life journey, the road to your desired goals of expansion, evolvement, and greater awareness would require your complete acceptance of the true nature of your being.

Every event, circumstance, and situation that appears in your life is there to help you accomplish this, or they would not be there. Your judgment of what shows up may, at times, prevent you from recognizing this. The most challenging or difficult circumstances, as you might term them, are in actuality great opportunities to allow you to achieve your goal.

Doubt, fear, and worry will always derail you, while hope, gratitude, and love solicit all the assistance you require from the Universe. Seek to know the truth of “YOU” in every moment of now.

February 19, 2010

Everything always happens at the right time, in the correct manner, and always yields the perfect results.

This concept is not generally your experience simply because you also carry judgment. Judgment from you is only and can only be based on your past, of what you know now. Advancement is only accomplished when you have new awareness and experience. Your hindsight, as you think of it, does make this concept more plausible for you, and it would be helpful if you could hold that notion in your now experience, and have more of the joy and pleasure you always intended on this journey.

February 19, 2011

Healing is experienced as you realign, connect with, or come together with the true nature of your being or your Source. It takes place continually as you seek your own expansion. You seem to notice it more when it takes place in your physical body as you are currently oriented on the physical plane, however it is always occurring on many different levels.

You, at times, have difficulty with this concept because when you see someone leave their physical body, you think healing has not occurred, but in most cases, that is precisely what has happened. If you were to merely focus on your continual expansion, healing occurs naturally and continually. There is no condition you think exists that does not heal through transition.

February 19, 2012

The present is your gift. While that thought may seem like a play on words, it is one that you would do well to hold. When you understand that in your present moment of now, you possess the ability to do, be, have, and create anything you desire, you simultaneously release all the otherwise valid excuses that have held you back, so to speak.

When you allow yourself to be occupied with all the thoughts of what you have not done or any form of regret, it is much more difficult to muster the motivation or creativity to do anything at all.

You can only act in your present, so that is indeed your gift now.

February 19, 2013

Today is the day that you get to decide what you desire to create next. You are always in the process of creating something as long as you are in physical form, but you would do well to do it consciously. 

This is easier to accomplish at those times in your life when it feels like you are experiencing a respite, meaning that there is no particular drama or crisis, as you might think of it, that you need to attend to. 

Your main job during this process is to seek those ideas and goals that you have that are beyond what you know now or what you have experienced. This is the entire process of expansion. It is not up to you to know how it will get done, but merely to allow yourself to capture the vision. Your mind is indeed your playground.

February 19, 2014

You always set your own standards of who you desire to be and what you desire to achieve during your physical life experience. If your intention during your life is to expand and evolve continually, then you would do well to keep setting your standards higher.

While this might seem like an obvious thing to do, in actuality, you, at times, avoid noticing what you are up to and then do not set any particular standards at all. When you participate in this behavior, you are, in a sense, playing a game with yourself by not setting standards because then you never risk not attaining them.

True courage can be demonstrated by you in deliberately setting your standards higher and then going about enjoying the journey of reaching them.

February 19, 2015

While you have often heard that patience is a virtue, it is also one of your goals. It will serve such a wonderful purpose in your life when you think of it in that manner.

When you hold patience as a goal, you are also affirming that you know all things in your life are working out for your highest good.

When you hold patience as a goal, you also deliberately live in your moment of now as you intended.

When you hold patience as a goal, you simultaneously develop your powerful internal faith.

When you hold patience as a goal, you also become aware of how you have allowed the concept of linear time to remove you from your goal of complete peace.

As you think about this, you will instantly feel the calm you seek.

February 19, 2016

That feels good is typically what you say after you make any change in your life. You may not say it right away, but you do come to say it eventually.

Any change you make causes you to experience something new, and from that experience, you gain more wisdom and knowledge.

It is also not that the change is comfortable or even provides you with the results you desire, but because of it, you come to know what you truly desire, and you come to experience more of who you are, and that is all you desire.

This can be confusing for you because you are used to measuring things in your life based on what you receive or gain physically, and while that can cause you to feel good momentarily, that is not the ultimate prize. Keep noticing, honoring, and experiencing all your changes.

February 19, 2017

Mistakes can be good when you decide to recognize them as such. Subjective words are being used so you understand the meaning intended. 

A mistake is something that you do that does not offer the results you desire and something you do that you know is not leading you in the direction in your life that you desire.

Your recognition of these can cause you to experience temporary dismay, but they also offer you a tremendous opportunity. You now have the wisdom, knowledge, and experience to make a new choice. You have the opportunity to regain your own self-control, which you felt was lacking when you made the mistake itself.

You always have the ability to redirect your life in a manner that pleases and serves you. Your recognition of your mistakes can help you when you use them in that manner.

February 19, 2018

Imagine this. Now, attempt to visualize this scenario as deeply as possible, while holding the emotions you might experience.

You were born and had a vision of the person you wanted to be and what you wanted to accomplish. You knew that certain conditions would enable you to do all of it, but you also knew that sometimes the road on your journey would be bumpy and really uncomfortable.

But then you remember your original intention, and you know this is part of that, so now you embrace everything. When you look at those uncomfortable places and realize they are leading to your destination and stay open to understanding how, you know you are close to that destination.

February 19, 2019

Follow our instruction even though you do not understand it fully now, but you might by the end of this message. You kept hearing that your instruction was to actively look for people and situations from your past to forgive. 

You may think it is somewhat dangerous to revisit your past, but the fact is, you have been holding your past in your present by believing some people, situations, or circumstances of your past were against you. They were not, as they were all there to help you. 

But because you felt dis-empowered by experiencing them, you have given away your power to them. When you look for all those things, actively forgive, and even thank them for helping you, you are reclaiming your power. Do the exercise.

February 19, 2020

Your success is still inevitable if you just do it. Yes, we wanted all those words in the title. Sometimes, Roger has more difficulty allowing our communications to come through because he simultaneously judges himself. 

We had given him and you the sentiments of this message’s title several times, but you each resist change, especially Roger. The only reason any of you do not accomplish what you desire in your life is a lack of belief. 

As you know, Roger has spoken of a program he has wanted to create for years. He felt it was in his destiny, but what he envisioned did not exist in precisely the manner he wanted, so he doubted he could do it. Then Roger conveniently found every excuse for why he couldn’t accomplish his goal until yesterday. Someone offered the help he needed, and now Roger was confronted with the possibility of putting his vision to the test. 

The only way he will know is if he does it. You are each doing the same thing. As you study this message again, you will find that your lack of belief and whether or not you want to change will be in your hands. 

February 19, 2021

Nothing will stop you once you accept who you are. We are speaking to each of you directly and doing it quite loudly. You will gain so much from this message, which may surprise you. Roger would like to apologize for the length of this message, but we do not. 

We awakened Roger to those words in the title, and he hesitated with them as he has had for longer than is conceivable by you. We will tell a story, as that is Roger’s favorite way of moving through his limitations to aid others.

Roger received a phone call from his doctor’s office some time ago informing him that his clinic had the Covid 19 vaccine, and they asked if he wanted an appointment. Roger was a bit surprised as he didn’t think it was his “turn,” and he was willing to wait. Roger accepted the appointment. Two days ago, Roger received two more phone calls asking the same question, and Roger didn’t understand why they didn’t know he already had an appointment. Roger also knows nothing accidentally occurs, so he waited until he could make sense of these events. 

Yesterday, Roger arrived at his appointment with unease because he was concerned he might not have enough time to make it home for his client. There is nothing more important to Roger than his clients. When Roger walked in, someone immediately approached him and asked if he would be willing to go first and be interviewed by television stations. Roger immediately said yes because now he knew he would not be late for his client, which was his only consideration. Keep following our thread. 

Roger did not know this was the first day the vaccine was being administered at this facility. A reporter asked Roger about his reason for being there and why he chose this facility. We sneak in and tell the truth when Roger does not get in the way. Roger said, “I wasn’t really worried about myself as I didn’t fear getting the virus, and I know my immune system is strong, but I have never been tested; I might have had it, and I don’t want to spread it.” Keep following along.

Roger was then introduced to the facility’s head doctor, who informed Roger they would administer the vaccine. The cameras were on, and after Roger said, “That was wonderful.” The entire room was filled with staff and patients, who all applauded. Later that evening, Roger’s niece sent him a video clip from the news indicating the reach Roger’s action took.

Stay with us. When Roger got home and signed on to the appointment with his client, things took a different turn. Roger assumed this client wanted to work on their music, but they immediately said, “why am I doing this?” The excitement that came to Roger was palpable. Roger said, “please record this, and now I’ll tell you.”

We could write a book here, but we can tie it up for each of you now because no one reading these words will find exceptions. Roger had seen over the years how this client never appreciated their work. Even though others did, their work often brought Roger to tears from its beauty, and often Roger did not understand the words as it was a foreign language. 

Roger recognizes the lack of belief others have in themselves because he has carried it for so long. Then, last night, while watching a game show, there was a question asked which Roger knew the answer, and the contestants did not. Roger did not know how he knew the answer, but he did.

As painful as this is for Roger, we will take over. Roger was about to leave the message without this part as he doesn’t want to intrude on your time, but we do. Others always know who you are, even when you don’t. Roger received the following email when he arrived home. Remember that Roger was wearing a “mask” when he went for his appointment, so he thought no one could see him. 

“Hi, Roger – I wanted to thank you again for lending your face and voice to the TV crews this morning! I approached you because I could sense your warm and uplifting personality when you signed-in for your vaccine.” 

Here’s the punchline. You also know the answer for yourself; this restructuring finally allows you to recognize it. Then, you will manifest the title of this long message into your life, and you will be fine! 

February 19, 2022 

You never win. We wanted to capture your attention with that title, and now that we have, we do not want you to become alarmed but understand. You never win because there was never a fight; the only battle was within. 

You are each born with everything you could need to live a successful, happy life experience, but along the way, you begin to form other beliefs, and they halt your progression and that of your world. You are the only one who ever held yourself back, and you did that by accepting beliefs of inadequacy and inferiority. 

You are alive now because you want to experience the restructuring of your world to believe in yourself more, for that is the only challenge you encounter on your human life journey. When you foster your belief in not being enough, it will permeate the collective experience that manifests the world you see today.

We recently asked Roger not to see any world events before visiting with us because he has fought himself due to his lack of belief, as you might have. Yesterday, when he found further verification of the information we had given him in 2012, he felt more confident and self-acceptance. Then we told him to record a video and send a second broadcast yesterday because it was shocking to him that he missed what he had been given, and that is the entire point of the lives of you all. 

In Your Life Operating Instructions, we began with the idea of infinite intelligence because we knew that concept would be helpful for you now. You each have access to all that is in your world when you decide to acknowledge and accept your gift. Your world events will allow you to make that choice soon.

You will begin to win now when you give up the fight of being yourself, which is the only work we offer. We have had Roger speak on the course price because humans equate worth with money. After all, it is a system you made up. But you cannot allow yourself to receive when you don’t recognize your inherent and innate worth and value. Now he has seen the value, as will you if you decide it is there, and we will help, and you will be fine. 

February 19, 2023

You were wanted. No matter what you might have believed about your life so far or the contribution you have made or not made at this time, your essence is an essential portion of the creation of your world, and your existence now could not have been more necessary as your journey has added to the collective ascension of your planet.

We gave you a message on this date in 2012, as today is when we wanted you to pay attention, and it is also why we planned our live conversation with you later today. Nothing in your life has ever been accidental. We will reveal far more, and you will find it challenging to continue denying your importance and how much you have been guided and loved during this transition.

February 19, 2012

The present is your gift. While that thought may seem like a play on words, it is one that you would do well to hold. When you understand that in your present moment of now, you possess the ability to do, be, have, and create anything you desire, you simultaneously release all the otherwise valid excuses that have held you back, so to speak.

When you allow yourself to be occupied with all the thoughts of what you have not done or any form of regret, it is much more challenging to muster the motivation or creativity to do anything at all.

You can only act in your present, so that is indeed your gift now.

 – Wilhelm

Here’s that conversation:

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