You can transform your life and world

June 28, 2024

You can transform your life and world. We have given you the path to follow to accomplish your task. It is up to you to accept it as it will be for our messenger.

We have done it over the years; it is how you each evolve individually and collectively.

June 28, 2012

It gets better has become a popular slogan, if you will, in your current society; however it also resonates to a much wider audience than the particular social issue that brought it to the forefront of your mass consciousness.

It refers to your individual, particular life experience as well as your world as a whole. It operates on the system of contrast; meaning that you are given certain choices, some of which may be very distasteful to you, however they offer you the opportunity to then make a choice that is to your pleasure, greater good, and therefore causes expansion in your life and world.

Therefore, it always gets better.

June 28, 2013

There is no right way, but there is your way. Subjective words need to be used here so that you understand the meaning of this communication.

When you come into the physical world, you are given all manner of rights and wrongs, and rules and regulations. These are all designed to help you navigate through the physical life process. Many of these are extremely helpful for they can prevent you from causing harm to yourself or others, as well as help you avoid many hardships.

The difficulty you have however, is that you also began to associate the rules and regulations, or rights and wrongs to your creative self. Allowing your creative self free reign, if you will, is precisely what you intended to do, for it is only through that process that you expand.

You expand in a manner that allows you to become more, and make a contribution to all others. Give yourself permission to color outside of the lines.

June 28, 2014

A chronological timeline does not exist, except for the one you have made up and choose to believe. You set the goal of self-discovery throughout your physical life experience and even beyond that. This means that you will continually do it as long as you are in physical form.

Now, the chronological timeline you have made up is based on some arbitrary idea that by a certain age you should have figured certain things out, or should have known them before. The operative word here is should.

Whenever you use it you simultaneously project judgment upon yourself, instead of being grateful for the new awareness you have no matter when it appears in your physical life.

Seek to accept that self-discovery is expansion and evolution, and you will do it throughout eternity.

June 28, 2015

You recently heard a statement said in jest that resonated with you, and for good reason, and that was, “I am intolerant of intolerance”. The entire concept of tolerance is built on faulty principles because it implies that somehow you are seeing other souls or people as separate or different than you.

True freedom in your world and society is only obtained when individuals see all others as themselves or the same; and then come to know who they are; grant everyone else the “right” to do the same, and then decide to never do anything in thought or deed that would attempt to limit the ability or another to live in that manner.

That is indeed a mouthful, so to speak, and the only thing that is helpful is for you to attempt to implement it in your life. You are all one.

June 28, 2016

Every soul has at their core what could be considered a path to follow to experience a magnificent life in every single way. Yours has been, always doing what you thought at the time to be the most helpful. Now the difficulty you have experienced in following this particular path, which is the core of your being, is that many times you left yourself out of that equation.

In other words, you thought that doing what was most helpful would be to put everyone else first. This means that your motivation in those instances was to attempt to make yourself feel worthy by only being most helpful to others.

That actually places you in a position of weakness and then you are not able to fulfill your true purpose. When you are most helpful to yourself first, you will be to others.

June 28, 2017

Two questions provide you with an excellent manner to guide your life if you are willing to ask them, and then earnestly listen for the answers.

The first question is, what if? That is one question that you don’t desire to hold because it indicates there was something you were afraid to do or try in your life, and then because of that you can never ask the next question.

The next question is, why not? Now that question holds everything you desire. It signifies that you are trusting your talents, abilities as well as your instincts, and you are willing to fully answer that question because you never want to end up asking, what if?

June 28, 2018

You can only change now. That sentence is one of the most brilliant you have ever written as it contains everything you need to know about creating the life you want, and being happy.

You will now use it as your own personal power tool, so to speak, to carve out your life.

We will give you a few interpretations. The use of the word you, reminds you that you are the only one in control of your life, and who can make decisions affecting your experience. The word now, when focused upon, brings you into the present moment, and makes you aware you are willing to release the past.

And the word change causes you to acknowledge you want to do some things differently now to create more pleasing results, and now you know you can. That is empowerment. Feel it?

June 28, 2019

Wow, you’re good. Those are the words Roger heard last night which he hoped would go away this morning, but they didn’t. We are doing this in the third person as it is easier for him as he does what you all do, and that is doubt communication you might be receiving that you can’t explain in some logical manner. 

The reason he said those words to himself was that he could see things in his life working out in what seemed to be magical ways. But because it hasn’t manifested fully, he was reluctant to accept that the results he wanted were materializing. Can you feel how many times you each have done that?

Roger agreed to help others come to this awareness if only he, like you, can let go of his distrust. We are always here to help. You’re welcome. 

June 28, 2020

You are living evolution. We know that may not seem to be a complete sentence to you, but this is how we meant it precisely. While you are in a constant state of evolution, there are times when it is visceral or more apparent to you, and that time is now.

We needed to take over more control of this message from Roger as his embarrassment, which he also knows is an essential element of his life journey, completely halts his progress at times. We said that sentence, so each of you would find the evidence of those words within yourself.

You have lived a life of continual doubt as to who you might be or what you might achieve. We will also tell you that configuration is necessary and purposeful, for you would not know you had accomplished anything unless you doubted it initially.

That brings us to Roger’s living evolution so all of you might recognize it within yourselves. Some time ago, Roger mentioned a client had explained something to him that dramatically altered how he could deliver information that was more efficient and effective.

You each were meant to progress from the achievements of those who came before, but you don’t believe you are capable. Then last night, Roger witnessed the evidence of information we had given him about others he was guiding that he never believed fully. In other words, the intuition he held manifested, and Roger then recognized the doubt he held before. 

Every you that we used in this message is the collective you, and your life now. You all have feared change in your lives and the world, but once you release that, your new life and the world will be better than you can imagine now. 

June 28, 2021

The most courageous thing you will do in your life is always in front of you. We will have this message make sense for each of you on your evolutionary journey.

Yesterday Roger held his webinar where we were allowed to speak freely finally, and it was the most enjoyable experience for both Roger and us. We love that cryptic sentence, and the gift is coming.

You each are born with gifts and abilities you intended to develop during this lifetime. You do it a bit at a time, typically. Still, because you also maintain the fear of the unknown, even when you achieve some of your desires, you do not recognize your accomplishments. You have formed habits of self-doubt, and you compare your journey to that of others who came before when you are the ones meant to lead now.

We have given Roger so many messages speaking on this subject, but we will leave one of them, which we told Roger not to read before posting it here. We do that occasionally to bolster his confidence as you each enjoy surprises.

When you read the message, please know we are speaking to you directly, and you will be fine.

December 10, 2009

There is no way better than your own. Now that includes some subjective words that should allow you to gain great meaning from the concept.

Your decision to live a physical life experience was for the purpose of contributing to the expansion and advancement of All That Is. The only way that you surely accomplish this is through your contribution to something “new.” New here means a greater portion of what already exists. When you succumb to conformity, you squelch that very contribution.

This process is also what may be felt by you as courage, and that in and of itself leads you to the contribution you intended.

Note: Here is the replay of our conversation of yesterday, and those of you who are meant to hear it will gain more confidence in your way forward.

June 28, 2022

It is always your doubt. When you find yourself in uncomfortable situations in your life and the world, it is due to your lack of belief in yourself and trust in your world.

We are giving you this message today for you are being restructured, and your fear of change could be exacerbated at this time. Roger was feeling the effects of his persistent doubt this morning as he could not convey what our program had to offer, and his doubt has left him in a place in his life where he must change, as we said in our message yesterday.

We will give you the highlights of what we gave him as he was reluctant to offer until he witnessed more proof, as many of you do before you become willing to move beyond your doubt.

You came to the world at this time to evolve. You were given a path to follow, and it was the one to lead you to something you were meant to offer the world that would fulfill your evolutionary goal, and that act would add to the evolution of your world. But due to the doubt, you might have carried, that goal you set has yet to be manifested.

You are moving into a new phase of the restructuring in your world, and you must gain the strength, courage, and willingness to love yourself and release your self-judgment and doubt so you experience the life you wanted and create the new world you all want to see.

Our program provides you that opportunity for we methodically guide you through releasing those limitations and restrictions you have placed on yourself.

Then you begin to see the same in others, and the current conflicts and divisions within you are mended, and so is your world.

Roger’s doubt kept him from realizing he had been given something that would help your world, but you all have been given something, and he just received the mechanism to help you own that. We now told him to open another door, for there is always a way, and the same is true for you.

June 28, 2023

You will make things better. The word better is subjective, but you know what it means to you and how living in that state would feel to you, and you possess the ability to create it in your life and world.

You might not have considered the importance of your life experience or journey to your world, but we wanted you to remember today, so we provided our message in 2012. When you believe it wholeheartedly and implement it into your life, you will notice dramatic changes in your life and world, for they are the same.

It gets better has become a popular slogan, if you will, in your current society; however it also resonates to a much wider audience than the particular social issue that brought it to the forefront of your mass consciousness.

It refers to your individual, particular life experience as well as your world as a whole. It operates on the system of contrast; meaning that you are given certain choices, some of which may be very distasteful to you, however they offer you the opportunity to then make a choice that is to your pleasure, greater good, and therefore causes expansion in your life and world.

Therefore, it always gets better.


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