Today, you may choose yourself

June 29, 2024

Today, you may choose yourself. That is always the purpose of your physical life experience and our only wish for you.

We provided a message last year on this date, followed by a live session. But we had our messenger put it all together for you in a video. Accessing your authentic self is in your hands, and we have provided a guide.

June 29, 2023

You will complain or change. Those are the choices always available for you as you move through your physical life experience, and which one you make will affect the quality of your life and world.

We gave you a message on this date in 2012, for we knew the conditions you might face in your life and planet due to its restructuring. But if you choose to change, you will let go of what was old and embrace what is new and emerging within you.

You will know when you have made that choice when you love yourself more by harnessing your innate talents and abilities.

We wanted you to understand the following message, and it is the reason for our live conversation with you this Sunday. You stand at a marvelous point in your evolution.

June 29, 2012

Complaining is an unfortunate habit that can have numerous effects on your physical life experience.

It is not possible for you to experience joy while you are complaining.

When you are complaining, you are attempting to undo some past event or situation and also attempting to relive those events by adding energy to them.

It is not possible for you to recognize your expansion while complaining, and you inadvertently halt that expansion by thinking it is not possible because you are complaining.

When you are complaining, you often attempt to shift blame or responsibility for your life experience to others or something outside yourself.

The instant fix is only to seek gratitude.


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Here’s the video.

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