We have given you everything

June 25, 2024

We have given you everything. Roger knows we do not use we in the title unless it is important, and today, it was.

We have given you everything to move through your restructuring, but you will understand and accept more today. The recording at the end will aid your understanding.

We are beginning with a message we used when we started our live conversations so you might understand the changes in your world.

February 22, 2017

Money, love, control, and power are intricately woven together in your life, so much so that you have difficulty recognizing the distinctions. This very issue is the cause of many difficulties you and others experience.

It will take some time for you to decipher all of this, but this is a good place to begin. You begin to associate money with love, power, and control because that is how you grew up. If your parents or those in charge gave you something of value or money, you associated that with being loved, but you also associated this with your parents holding all the control and power.

You then begin to usurp those characteristics and begin using them in your own life. You will think that if you give another enough money you will feel loved, and experience your own power as well as control over others. This is never what you are truly seeking.

As you can see, this is just a beginning. Ponder this for a bit.

(We used we in the title on this date in 2020, and this will help.)

June 25, 2020

We told you this could happen. We are having such fun with our pronouns, and today we are doing the same with we. The we referred to here are all those voices you have heard your entire life but refused to believe as Roger has done.

Now because of this, he becomes a great source of inspiration for all as he intended. But he never believed us as you might not have believed your we. We love it when we’re clever.

This morning Roger thought we were leading him to one of the messages we’ve delivered about your mission on the earth or your purpose that you all hope to find.

We even told Roger the other day that the notion each of you maintains that you must find your “why” to become successful or happy is why you take every program or study any book that might alert you to who you are and end this torturous journey. Brace yourself, because it was with you all the time, but you ignored it or most probably didn’t believe it was possible. 

Roger looked for those messages, but we led him to what we wanted him to find and leave with you all to contemplate. As you read the message, please look at the date and know that Roger didn’t fully believe it all, but now there is no question, as there will be none for you when you decide the probable reality you wanted is available if you believe your we. You’ll have fun with this one.

A side note for you. You might have thought this title was referring to the current times in your world, and we are. 

October 25, 2014

I now give myself permission. Those five words, when added to any declaration you make, a statement you verbalize, or an idea you hold about your physical life experience, will change and transform your life. Use them as a chant or mantra or whatever else keeps them at the forefront of your thinking.

Some examples would be: I give myself permission to be who I am exactly. I give myself permission to see beyond imaginary obstacles I have placed in my way. I give myself permission to allow no longer fear to control my thoughts and actions. I give myself permission to express what I think and feel precisely at any moment in time. I give myself permission to feel good about every aspect of me.

You can now see how powerful this is if you decide to do it.

February 19, 2024

We said, Accepting this message will change your life and world. You will understand how we have used linear time.

We also wanted you to understand the wealth and income restructuring that you wanted, but you must allow that to occur.

We wanted more of you to understand why Roger did not focus on money, but now he must, for the value of what he brought is enormous.

June 26, 2012

A new definition of abundance can help you immensely. When you think of abundance as the appearance or existence of anything physical in unlimited amounts, you have a great understanding of reality. There is never a lack of anything physical, and you are a part of everything that is physical.

Now, with this in mind, you will understand that whenever you experience a lack of something that you desire, it is not then that the supply is diminished; it is you who has kept it from you. You would do well then to seek to know the reasons why.

Many times, it might be of your own doing or of a higher good. It is up to you to know the difference. That is also the process of expansion.

(We also wanted you to understand the physical reaction you might experience while moving to higher dimensions of understanding.)

August 12, 2014

When you observe the birth of a newborn, most times they come into the world kicking and screaming. They do this as an expression of their own resistance of leaving a place of safety and moving into an unknown territory.

This is, to a greater or lesser extent, what you do as you are about to embark on a new journey in your life or move into an unknown territory of your own expansion.

You would now be wise to become aware of this process; understand that what causes you to exhibit that kicking and screaming is your own fear. Then you will have a remembrance of what you are up to and what you intended on this life journey.

Embrace the fear and decide to use it, knowing that it allows you to make the difference you intended.


(Then, we had our messenger find a message where he was experiencing physical pain due to his resistance to accepting his new place. Yesterday, he thought he might be doing the same, but none of you have to if you keep moving forward.)

August 22, 2005

Any advice for today, especially concerning healing and headaches?

Answer from Wilhelm

You are indeed at a crossroads, so to speak, in your life, for you sense a life fulfilled, happy, and content while at the same time knowing the attainment of this life requires “permanent” change.

Your ego, as you think of it, is quite comfortable where it is so therein lies your conflict. Conflict has no choice but to create tension, thereby stress which is then made manifest in your body and the resultant pain.

In order to alleviate this it would be wise for you to look honestly at what you truly desire and then what choices are required to accomplish this.

You have already made great strides in this arena but might I suggest you go even deeper. You do know spontaneous healing is available, however, you will not allow this to occur until you answer your Higher Self’s desire.

You might want to notice the times where it appears that other tasks in your life may “seem” to be important when actually they are distractions that may keep you from your goal.

Have patience; be gentle with yourself, use your innate honesty an success is at hand. Nothing more.

Finally, if any of you listen to this recording again and decide to stay in the same place, including Roger, you will have no one to blame but yourself.

And here is the beginning.


. . .

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