You are the contribution

June 23, 2024

You are the contribution. It took a while for our messenger to write those words because we led him to a message we provided several years ago that elicited his regret. We would advise you to use acceptance instead.

You decided to live during the restructuring of your world to move through limitations on your evolutinary path to contribute to planetary ascension now. It is why we say you were needed.  

June 23, 2009

Your contribution to the evolution of all that is was merely your decision to have a physical life experience.

Each and every soul makes this contribution, and each and every soul is valuable and adds to that very evolution. It is not possible for you to compare or assess your journey or contribution to another, for each and every one has value, purpose, and meaning.

Probably the easiest analogy for you to begin to grasp this concept is the uniqueness of each and every snowflake. There is no way of stating that one is more or less valuable than the other.

The greatest contribution you may then make is to honor, own, and love your unique journey. It is truly something to be proud of and cherished. To do any less is a disservice to yourself and all that is.


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