You could feel your value today

June 24, 2024

You could feel your value today. As you view your life and world, you will better understand and accept the message we provided three years ago. You use linear time to expand your awareness.

June 24, 2021

You meant to discover more of your value now. Yes, we are speaking to you, for every human is born with value, and you use your human experience to realize more of that.

You have lived before; each time you do, you access more of your higher self, and your world evolves through that process. You are in a major restructuring this time, and due to our limited use of linear time, it is challenging to explain, but you may look at your life now and see those things within you that have yet to manifest, and that is because you intended to do it now to aid your world. 

If you consciously move in the direction you have doubted, you will create the world you want and the life you want to live. You will be fine. 


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