Today, you will witness a new version of yourself

June 30, 2024

Today, you will witness a new version of yourself. This transformation is a daily occurrence in your physical life, but today, we urge you to embrace it with special attention. Your evolution is not a random process but a guided journey toward self-awareness and growth.

June 30, 2023

You will see yourself in a new light. That is always the purpose of your physical life experience, but it is one you gradually accept and understand. We have guided you in this incarnation, for we knew you would have questions about your journey and planetary ascension, which we term your restructuring.

You might question how we might have given you a message on this date in 2012 that would apply to your life and world today, but that is only a limitation in your thinking you intended to move beyond.

That scenario was the reason for your birth and why you chose this particular lifetime, and we will tell you that it is because what you have within you to offer yourself and the world is needed now.

June 30, 2012

There are no random events that show up in your physical life experience, and they all show up to benefit you in some manner. This configuration is indeed, at times, a difficult concept for you to accept, especially when you experience some disappointment or unpleasantness with those events.

When you examine past events in your experience where you had that unpleasantness, you can also notice how the event caused you to expand in some manner and gain greater awareness and knowledge.

You would do well to allow those disappointing feelings to surface and, in that exact moment, seek to gain the knowledge and wisdom it was designed to provide you.


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