Contemplation will be required

January 22, 2024

Contemplation will be required. Everything we have provided you was to aid you on your ascension journey.

We love using dates in your linear time, so you might accept the process of transitioning or ascending.

The message of several years ago on this date will aid you in this planetary ascension.

January 22, 2011

Mortality is not real, yet you allow it to control much of your physical life experience. While it does occur while you are in physical form, it is merely a system in which you agreed to participate. 

Real means that it does not exist in Ultimate Reality.

You merely use it as a means to make a transition or progression to another level, if you will.

The difficulty that you have with it is that you fear it. That very fear causes you to miss much of your now experience, which you intended to enjoy fully. 

While the entire concept is not possible for you to

fully grasp while you are in physical form, you would do well, however to attempt to unquestioningly accept it as fact so you might get back to loving your now experience.


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