You are even more valuable today

January 31, 2024

You are even more valuable today. You would have to be because of the journey you have taken. You will recognize more of that now when you view the message we provided on this day a year ago. 

But to further instill your belief in your worth and value, we will give you a live session we held almost three years ago that will resonate with you today. You are needed. 

January 31, 2023

You must accept your worth and value. We mean both words and how you might interpret them in your life. Every soul is born with an abundance of both, but you decide when you will recognize them within you and allow yourself to live the physical life experience you desire.

We gave you a message ten years ago that you could not have fully understood then, and it might take some time to decipher it now. You stand at a time of great change in your world, and your part was to offer the light and love within you to allow the ascension of your planet to be one that would serve the greater whole. That can only occur when you change your old programming and accept who you have become. 

January 31, 2013

There is nothing that you desire in your physical life experience that you have to go out and get; instead, you merely need to allow it to come to you. This concept is to help you understand that your mental approach and attitude in anything you attempt are most important.

When you understand this more deeply, you will seek to know how you have blocked what you desire from coming to you.

Everything is already available to you in the Universe, whether it be wisdom, knowledge, awareness, or any other physical thing. Your “job,” is to align your mentality with receiving it. It requires practice on your part.

Here is the session:
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– Wilhelm

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