You can achieve life mastery now

January 27, 2024

You can achieve life mastery now. It is always your choice but typically something you accomplish using your linear time. We are not restricted and love using specific dates to refresh your memory. The mastery you sought was within you. 

January 27, 2015

There is indeed a litany of things that never occur while you are in the process of becoming the master of your physical life experience.

One is blame. You can never use blame or shift responsibility to another or anything outside of yourself and gain mastery over your life.

The next one is using excuses. When you use an excuse to attempt to explain something you have done or failed to do, you have taken yourself back to shifting responsibility and giving up mastery.

Another one is shame. When you are ashamed about who you are, it is impossible to own your life or feel mastery in any way.

Another one to consider is regret. When you experience regret, you either think you are a victim or, more importantly, you fail to gain the wisdom that the things you regret are there to provide.

This path is now your curriculum.


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