You deserve more

January 30, 2024

You deserve more. You exist during a time of restructuring yourself and the world so that you might shift the imbalance that has existed within you and existed in your world.

The message we provided on this date in 2012, along with a live conversation our messenger unveiled, which we will leave for you to hear now, for it will make more sense as your awareness has expanded.

January 30, 2012

You are entitled to all your emotions. The word entitled is used here so that you might grasp the idea that all your emotions are purposeful and show up to lead you somewhere. The place where they lead is always a place of greater awareness when you do not attempt to deny or ignore those emotions.

Many times, you also judge yourself for experiencing the emotions in the first place, which then causes you to attempt to displace them. Typically, they are then relegated to your physical body, which will, in turn, cause a physical disturbance.

Whenever you make your emotions “wrong,” you become “wrong.” 


Here’s that recording
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