You can accomplish more now

January 29, 2024

You can accomplish more now. We are speaking of your current evolutionary process, which we have called your restructuring.

The message we provided on this date several years ago will give you focus and greater awareness now.

January 29, 2019

You are in the best place of your life right now. We have often given you this message, but you mostly thought of it as lip service. Now, it makes sense to you, and your explanation will help all others.

You create your life experience through the thoughts you choose to hold. Those thoughts take root and then germinate so they can then bloom. Here is the problem that you and others have. You look at the old stuff you created, which you can see in your life now, and you think something must be wrong. You only forgot the process momentarily.

But then comes a time when what you see now doesn’t matter because you can internally feel who you have become. Your instruction is this. Harness that feeling and project it into your future, and it will manifest. There is no other choice. 


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