You can manifest the future you want

December 31, 2023

You can manifest the future you want. That is the ability you hold individually and collectively, and as you ascend, you will understand there is no difference.

You use lifetimes to reach this awareness, but as we have said, this is your most important. The message we provided on this date in 2012 will serve you well now, and you will witness a very different future if you decide to recognize your importance now. That is and has always been our intention. 

The following message and recording will help you set your typical New Year resolutions, but you might be willing to adhere to them now.

December 31, 2012

Today is the day you have decided to consciously and deliberately release your past and embrace your future. This ability is something that you also have the opportunity to do every moment of your physical life experience. Still, it is much easier for you to notice and appreciate this process today. 

You do indeed create your future and personal reality by what you decide to do physically, but you would also do well to remember that the first and most crucial step of the process begins in the thoughts you choose to hold. These thoughts will allow that future to be made manifest for you. 

It will never be precisely as you imagined, for it will always be better or for your highest good in some manner. 


Here’s the recording.
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