You can love yourself more

December 27, 2023

You can love yourself more. That is always the answer to any difficulty you experience in your life or witness in your world. It might take you a while before you recognize the importance of your life and accept the contribution you might make to your world; we are not limited by linear time and provided you with a message on this date a year ago you can implement today along with the message we supplied on your full moon. You exist for a grand purpose. 

December 27, 2022

Please do your best to comprehend this message. We gave you the one in 2012, so you might have an easier passage through ascension.

You have had difficulty accepting the changes in your world and how they might affect your life, but if you take our advice and do not resist the changes or yourself, you will thrive and add that energy to your evolving world.

None of you could have known you would be here, and Roger didn’t know how cleverly we arranged it all, including our live conversations with you beginning today. You are on a magnificent mission. 

December 27, 2012

You are entitled to your preferences, and you would do well to seek to know them and follow them. While that might initially seem simple, it can sometimes cause difficulty because you have confused some of your preferences with judgments. Judgments usually

carry some label of “good” or “bad,” and those assessments are typically not easy for you to know because of your current state of limited awareness.

A preference is merely a desire you have, which is usually inspired, meaning that you have it instinctually because it leads you to some manner of expansion in your life. When you eliminate the judgments from your preferences, your way becomes clear.

 – Wilhelm

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