You have waited long enough

December 21, 2023

You have waited long enough. We refer to the message we provided on this date in 2012 and every subsequent year until now. You have waited to become your empowered self, and you have done so to aid the planetary ascension. We are thrilled you’re here; we only want you to love yourself.

You will be more inspired to do so today after you read the messages and allow them to permeate your consciousness. 

We will start at the beginning.

December 21, 2012

Wait is an action word that, when you use it, you will instill the ideal of patience into your physical life experience. When you find patience, you begin to manifest very different results in your life.

When you operate with impatience, you are actually working against yourself, so to speak, for you are affirming that something you desire is not here, has not been made manifest, and, more importantly, that you do not have it. Those thoughts will create that reality in your personal experience. 

You will know when you are using the energy of the word wait, for you will also experience greater peace.  

December 21, 2013

Every soul is born with particular gifts. There are no gifts more important than another, for they all add to the expansion of the individual who possesses that gift, as well as all others who benefit from your gifts.

You always know when you are accessing your particular gifts because you experience joy as you are engaging in your gift. What you think the magnitude or extent of your gift might be is never important, but it is what you can think of as a seed to your successful and happy life when you decide to pursue it.

It can even be things that you take for granted, such as being a good parent, listener, being of service, or merely what you think of as a good employee. The fact is you know when you are in the process of pursuing it because you experience joy. You are always moving in what you think of as the right direction in your life when you experience that joy. 

December 21, 2014

This is indeed a new beginning for you. You will have many times throughout your physical life experience where you feel you were provided the opportunity to have a new beginning, and this day felt that way for you.

You have this opportunity each day, but having certain ones become more apparent and felt by you also allows you to capture the energy held within that feeling.

You direct, create, and manifest everything in your physical life through the energy you generate or withhold. It is apparent which will significantly impact your future life or what you manifest now. You continually derive great wisdom from the flight of the phoenix, so continue to do so.

December 21, 2015

Integrity is pervasive, all-inclusive, and wholly made up by you. In other words, your idea of what you think integrity might be is how you choose to live your life because you know that doing so causes you to aspire to be the person you desire. Paying attention to that lets you know if you are on the right track. You can think of it as your own personal guidance.

Now, where you cause yourself difficulty and hardship is when you expect others to live by your idea of integrity. What you can do, however, is that when you experience the behavior of another or their actions where you think they are performing with a lack of integrity, it is a perfect opportunity to examine your own. Now, it becomes their gift to you.

December 21, 2016

You are not an actor in your own life, and attempting to become one has caused you to experience some of your most significant difficulties. An actor takes on a particular role to project a specific image, relate a story, and generally be as good as they might be in representing something they are not. That is precisely the opposite of what you intended to accomplish in your life.

You have had many instances where you believed you would receive something if you acted or performed in a particular manner. This behavior has always felt inauthentic to you, but you thought that was what was required to get something. You never received what you truly desired.

The irony of life is that you come to understand you receive everything you desire by deciding only to be you.

December 21, 2017

“Stop being so selfish.” You recently resonated with that phrase because it was “used” on you when you were younger. The word used was placed there because when it was directed at you, it intended to control your behavior. 

Now, you took this to heart, quite literally, and interpreted it to mean that if you felt good about anything while others were suffering, then in some way, you were acting selfishly, and guilt would ensue. Stay with us here.

Then, you had an experience of feeling good for no particular reason, experienced guilt, and shut down your feelings. Now, hear this. You will do more for yourself and the world when you decide there is nothing more important in each moment than to feel good because you have full access to all your power to help everyone, especially you.

December 21, 2018

You feel uncomfortable because you are being pushed to become more and resisting doing so. Understand this is quite different than you feeling fearful or anxious; it is an uneasiness in your physical body that, while you attempt to ignore it, the feeling remains.

Fortunately, you provide yourself with vivid examples that are not difficult to figure out when you are willing. You felt uncomfortable moving around in your home because you knew you wanted more. You felt uncomfortable letting go of a relationship because you knew it was impeding your progress, but it was familiar. You felt uncomfortable accepting a new direction and letting go of the old because you found it difficult to believe and accept the new. 

You are causing yourself to feel uncomfortable, which is an excellent awareness because now you know what to do. 

December 21, 2019

The law of attraction is pervasive. Roger kept hearing that sentence and wanted to know why we specifically used the word pervasive, and we will explain. 

First, attempt to accept this premise. You each are born with what might be a soul contract. This agreement means there is something or many things your soul, or the higher dimensions of you, desire to accomplish or achieve. Your contributions, or those things you are attempting to do, add to the collective evolution of all that is. When you come back to reread this message, more awareness will be evident continually. 

In this process, all the events, people, occurrences, conditions, and experiences that would aid your mission will show up. That is the law of attraction. You often don’t believe or trust this process because you expect things to appear in a particular manner. And you label something as good or bad, right or wrong. You will also understand our earlier message of not knowing until you know. 

Yesterday, Roger had the idea of hiring someone to change his website. Roger knew the precise skills, qualities, and characteristics this person should possess. He was about to place a classified ad as he knew what he wanted. At that exact moment, he received a telephone call from someone who had a person they felt Roger could help. That individual also had all the qualities Roger had just envisioned. 

Later, Roger had a client who initially thought she might have booked the wrong appointment as she felt she was looking for something else. Roger knew that wasn’t possible, and when they met, they were both surprised by the perfection of the union. 

After all this, Roger decided to record a video for his website. He stated clearly who he was and what he had to offer. As you know, Roger never speaks on things he doesn’t know for sure. Now he knows the law of attraction for sure. As a side note, we had Roger record that video because he will use that experience later today with a client. 

The instruction for you all is this. Clearly state what you desire to accomplish in this lifetime, which you also feel on an intuitive level, and then allow the law of attraction to do its work. It always will.

December 21, 2020

No one else can do the job you were born to do. And the grand junction was real. Yesterday, we mentioned the coming galactic shift that coincides with the restructuring you all are moving through, and it will have a profound effect on you and the world. Your job is to figure out your place in this, for it does exist, and we will use Roger as an example.

We also mentioned the harmonic convergence of 1987, where we noted that Roger was not at a place in his life to understand or accept that occurrence, but it was different for him this time. It all began when he received information from a friend discussing your world’s current events, which they see quite differently. 

Roger then decided to record a video and consult us for our take on the occurrences and the information we have provided Roger. When the friend heard the recording, they said it was just Roger speaking, and he was doing so from his ego, and there was no Wilhelm there. That story we just gave you contains the difficulty you experience in your lives and causes the external conflict in your world.

The purpose of the friend’s comment was meant to “save” Roger from his erroneous beliefs; in fact, it did just that. One of the comments from the friend was that all the other spiritual leaders think differently than Roger. That statement is the one Roger needed to hear, and so do you. None of you were born to be carbon copies of other people, and you were given a unique mission to fulfill. How do you think a spiritual being sounds? The answer is you.

The grand junction was meant to cause you to become more aware of your role in this world, but you get confused because you think it should look, feel, and sound like another, and if that were to occur, your world would cease.

Now, the first step for you is to own your job in this world and do it thoroughly. For Roger, that will now be his online program, which he truly believes can aid the world in healing, and as delusional as that may be to some, his grand junction says it is valid for him, and he will help others in that journey. We are so much more assured you will be fine.

December 21, 2021

You will know more of your worth and value. You have been on a restructuring journey to cause your evolution and that of your world. 

You have not felt your contribution could be that significant, and that is where you were wrong. We will explain why we insisted that you made the choice today that we said you would make in our previous talks. You are about to begin your new life and fulfill your mission. And if you do, you all will be fine.

December 21, 2022

You could change your life today. We used the word could because it all depends on your actions. You were born into the world to evolve and become more. But you also chose to do so during a significant transition in your world.

That means that your existence is more important now than ever, and how you change your life is by deciding to become your authentic self. Who you were born to be is perfect, and you use your physical life experience to discover your value.

We gave you a path to follow just as your higher self has, but your lack of belief in yourself has prevented your life and world from becoming magnificent. This particular day was the one we chose in 2012 to bring you more awareness now. We will do that in our live conversation today, where everything will make sense for you.

You each hold back who you could become because you have never done it before, and none of you have existed in times like this, but that should also be a cause for celebration because now you can reap the rewards of your efforts.

We will also point out that you have each held yourselves back for various reasons connected to your evolutionary journey, and the main one in your world and the lives of many of you has been money. We had Roger offer you a year of transformation, and many of you did not believe that was possible.

That belief is the one each of you has held, and collectively it has held back the ascension of your planet, and you intended to release it today, and we will aid you. You will be fine.


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Self-love reveals your perfection

December 20, 2023

Self-love reveals your perfection. That would have to be the case, for that was the reason you were born, but uncovering and owning your perfection was the goal you set for yourself.

We have provided you with reminders, and we have done so on particular days as we knew it would aid your evolution and the planetary ascension. As you study the message, you will understand the importance of changing your perspective of yourself and your life journey, for it was perfect. 

December 20, 2012

 Everything that is occurring is always perfect. Perfect, as it is being used here, means that in some manner, it causes your expansion and that of all that is, or mass consciousness. This concept is difficult for you to understand at times, for you and all others are always operating from a limited state of awareness, or you are a step behind, as you might think of it. 

It might help you to examine not only your personal history but that of your world at large. You will find evidence of events and circumstances that were judged disastrous or “really bad things” that eventually caused a particular change, which was expansion or evolution. That was perfect. 


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Imagine what you want

December 19, 2023

Imagine what you want. You hold that ability throughout your physical life experience, but sometimes, your memory of this fact will serve you and your world immensely.

When you view the message we provided on this date in 2012, you will appreciate your internal guidance, which you can rely on now. There are no limits. 

December 19, 2012

Projecting and imagining are quite different processes in which you engage. You always know the difference, for you will have different emotional responses. 

Typically, when you are projecting, you are putting forth thoughts of fear, worry, or anxiety about what your future may hold. When imagining, it is usually with excitement and anticipation while knowing that whatever your future holds, it will be for your highest good. 

You would do well to become aware of which process you are using, and when you decide to use imagining, you will also experience peace. You know you always get it done, it always works out, and you completely trust the integrity of your physical life experience.  


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It is never too late

December 18, 2023

It is never too late. Many of you have come to that belief when you examine your lives and world and feel like you are giving up or there is no solution.

The solution to everything you experience in your life and world is within you, and it comes to light when you take the next step into who you desire to be and fulfill your life purpose, as it is a valuable one and one that will aid planetary ascension.

Please study the message we provided on this date in 2012, and you will be on your way to greater adventure and success.

December 18, 2012

It is never too late for you to be, do, have, or create anything you truly desire during your physical life experience. It is essential for you to start to become aware of the times when you are holding a belief that it is too late for you to do anything, for, in those instances, you have accepted limitation, which is entirely the opposite of expansion, which you sought to accomplish on this journey. 

It is never too late to change your mind about your potential and abilities and become the person you always intended to be. Any thought of limitation is something that your world has made up, and if you accept it, that will be your personal reality. 


Here’s that conversation that will encourage you to love yourself — your most potent act.
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You will remember your intention

December 17, 2023

You will remember your intention. Your intention when you were born and even before you came to the physical plane was to evolve. As you do so, you expand consciousness to add or complete another aspect of your evolutionary journey.

You accomplish that goal using your human brain utilizing linear time. We are not constrained and provided a message on this date in 2012 when we began guiding you through your ascension process. You will use it now and also aid in the planetary ascension. 

December 17, 2012

Your intention and motivation in anything you attempt to do, create, or manifest can be very different and produce different results. You would do well to seek to know the difference. 

If you intend to create some contribution or cause an experience of expansion in another, you will receive the result of that action personally because you are all one.

If your motivation, on the other hand, is to attempt to make yourself more or better than another or to try and prove your worth, you will be dissatisfied with those results as you operate on a false principle. 

You and all others are equal, and your highest good is theirs. 


Here’s that conversation that will encourage you to love yourself — your most potent act.
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Fear can help you

December 16, 2023

Fear can help you. That statement might sound counterintuitive, and it was meant to be that. While you may have had many interpretations of beliefs about your experience of fear, we would like to offer the one we provided on this date in 2012. As you view your life and world, you can better decide how to use your fear experience.

December 16, 2012

Fear is both your enemy and your friend as it relates to your intended goal of expansion while you are on the physical plane. 

It is your enemy when it blocks from your awareness the true nature of your eternal spiritual being or prevents you from experiencing the full nature of human existence. 

It is your friend when it causes you to seek its sources and uncover the illusion that causes it to seem real to you. When you find these instances, you will be motivated to live more fully, continue your expansion, and contribute to the expansion or evolution of the world at large.

When you embrace all aspects of fear, you also begin to live fully. 


Here’s that conversation that will encourage you to love yourself — your most potent act.
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You have yet to fulfill your potential

December 15, 2023

You have yet to fulfill your potential. Your potential is unlimited, as are you, but it requires your willingness to embrace it for you to evolve and for your planet to ascend.

You have so much to offer, especially during your restructuring, and the message we provided on this date in 2012 will aid you. As will our recent conversation with you. You are never done becoming more as long as you are in physical form.

December 15, 2012

Every event or situation during your physical life experience holds the same potential. That potential is for you to gain valuable information and awareness for your personal transformation or evolvement. 

It matters not whether you are personally involved in those situations or events; mere observation will serve as that catalyst. While you may ask questions as to why certain things do occur, you only unleash the potential that is available for you when you decide what to do with the awareness and knowledge you have gained. 

Your intention is always to continue to become the person you desire.  


Here’s that conversation that will encourage you to love yourself—your most potent act. 

You only fail if you stop

December 14, 2023

You only fail if you stop. The message we provided three years ago will aid you today. 

December 14, 2020

Success may at first look like failure, but failure never happens. As we have said, you each are moving through a massive restructuring, which requires you to change.

You have long known your resistance to change and the fear of the unknown, so it is not difficult to see your challenge. But the challenge for you all has always been the same. And that is embodying more of you this time. Yes, we are referring to a past life, but you can look at your current life and make sense of this.

When you do something that would have you believe you failed somehow, you merely haven’t received the value of what you erroneously thought was a failure. 

The restructuring for you, the world, and the United States will occur through those willing to change. 

We led our messenger to the following message, which will help you understand this message in greater depth. 

February 18, 2016

You have the most incredible experience of courage when you decide to be who you are. It does require a certain amount of courage to accomplish this because you spend a great deal of your life learning from others who you think you are supposed to be.

You are taught that fitting in or being accepted is your goal when you desire to create and contribute something more. It requires courage because when you take that step, you have no assurance that others will accept or approve of you. Still, at the same time, you innately know that it is far more critical for you to become yourself, for that is the only place you find your happiness.

Decide to acknowledge every step you take today in this direction.


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The rainbow is ahead

December 13, 2023

The rainbow is ahead. When you consider the appearance of a rainbow in your physical world, it always emerges through the rain, but only if you are willing to see the light.

You have stepped into another aspect of your evolution and planetary ascension. As you view your life and world today, the message we gave you on this date a year ago will aid your understanding. 

December 13, 2022

Your strength will surprise you. You are on an evolutionary journey to cause your expansion and that of your world, which we have said are the same. But many of you have yet to understand your importance and significance of creating both.

The life you were given had built-in experiences to move through so you would become more. You also chose to accomplish your goal during a time of restructuring because you collectively desired a better world, which is why you exist. You are meant to shine, and our work was to aid you in that endeavor.

It is challenging for each of you to recognize what you were given, and it was difficult for Roger to accept what he was given, but now he knows he can no longer do that if he intends to fulfill his life purpose.

Roger knew we had given him everything, especially in 2012. Then he faced the duality: many of you are here to heal. You intended to love who you are and stop denying the gifts you possess. But then you will have to contend with your everyday experiences, some of which will be your upcoming holidays. Still, other parts include losing some people you have been close to while simultaneously awakening to who you could become. 

 – Wilhelm

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It always depends on if you want to be happy

December 12, 2023

It always depends on if you want to be happy. Those are the choices you continually make on your physical life journey, but there are certain times when your choices affect much more than your journey.

We will repeat some of a message we gave you on this date in 2019, for it will be the completion of a part of your journey and the reason for our conversation with you today.

December 12, 2019

It all depends on if you want to be happy. First of all, it is essential to know that you each are making that choice in your lives, whether you are conscious of that fact or not. 

You each are born with things you want to do and accomplish that will not only cause your life to expand and evolve but also add to the collective consciousness, or all that is. The only problem is you don’t believe that.

You would never doubt yourself or your actions and choices if you did. However, you are making significant progress or would not be reading our words. Roger will provide an example, and we will attempt to tie it all together in this story.

Last night, Roger awakened and blurted out the word balderdash. It was shocking to him that he blurted the word, and secondly, he doesn’t use or know the meaning, so he knew it was from us. This morning, it all made sense. Roger found the definition. 

You each believe that what you feel guided to do or accomplish in your lives or the directions you are being urged to take is all balderdash or nonsense. You will be happy when you let go of that belief and decide to trust and believe in yourself. Now, you will understand the title of this message. 


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