Life mastery and self-acceptance are the same

December 28, 2023

Life mastery and self-acceptance are the same. You come to the physical plane with a mission to fulfill that is within you, and you use linear time to accomplish your unique journey. As you continue, you ascend, and so does your world. You are vital to the creation of all that is.

We provided a message in 2015 on this date that you can utilize to significantly affect your life and world today, for they are the same. 

December 28, 2016

You reach and experience mastery when you know and accept that you only have two choices. The choices are how you interpret and think about anything in your personal life or world.

The first choice is that bad things are happening to you, your world, or others, and you are a victim in your life and all your experiences.

The second choice is that no matter what occurs in your personal life or world, it somehow causes you to expand, helps you to evolve, and causes you and your world to become more.

The choices always exist, and it is always you who chooses. Mastery then will show you that whatever choice you make, you will find.


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