Self-love eases self-doubt

December 23, 2023

Self-love eases self-doubt. You might believe your life might have been better if you never encountered self-doubt, but then you would not have been able to choose self-love, which is what you wanted and is needed in your world now.

Please view some of the messages we provided a year ago on this date, and you will be able to absorb more of it now as it is precisely the process of ascension. 

December 23, 2022

Please stop doubting yourself. It is a natural part of your physical life experience, but if you continue to do so, you halt your progression and that of your world. 

You begin to doubt yourself when you are younger, but at some point, you must take control of guiding your life, and it is what you were given at birth to develop, nurture, and bring to the world. But your doubt has slowed that progression.

We know you have done so because the conditions of your world are still in process, and you are moving to aspects of yourself and the world that are new and unfamiliar. Still, we provided guidance just as your guides have, but prevailing doubt has prevented you from believing in your unique gift.

Please consider the message we gave you on this date in 2012. It will help you move through this doubtful period of your life and world. When you decide to love yourself, you will also end your doubt. 

December 23, 2012

The word relax is one of the most powerful in your vocabulary. You can use it as a command in your personal experience to return to your moment of now or state of peace.

While you may argue that you can’t relax with your current state of affairs or situations, the process of relaxation occurs in your mind or the thoughts you choose to hold, and that is something over which you always have control.

When you decide to relax, you trust the integrity of your physical life experience, knowing that whatever will occur or show up in your experience is for your highest good. When you accept this belief, you also create that personal reality for yourself.  

– Wilhelm

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