Pure love is all that will remain

December 24, 2023

Pure love is all that will remain. You attempt to move to a higher state of understanding and acceptance whenever you are in physical form. It must begin with you and is a process in which you engage over time.

The message we provided many years ago on this date will aid you now and inspire you to make the most of whatever holiday you may celebrate. Remember, it is a recognition of you. 

December 24, 2014

Pure love is the experience of beholding anything of a physical nature and having no judgment. You may think of this as unconditional, but you also rarely truly experience love being unconditional unless you first seek the experience of pureness.

The first place to begin to activate this experience and feel it more frequently in your own life is with yourself. You know you accomplish this when you can behold yourself and have no judgment.


Our live conversation of a year ago will aid you more now
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