Use the present to change your past and manifest your future

November 20, 2023

Use the present to change your past and manifest your future. That is the process you move through while you are in physical form when you incarnate, and it is the same process your civilization uses, but not all will do so.

We are speaking of your ascension process and this time on your planet of restructuring in which you decided to partake because what you came to offer the world would be the element that could produce the global change you want to see, but it must come through you. 

The present is your gift which is the current moment of now for that is only place you can create the future you want. You do that by acknowledging your past, which is also generational, but you change it by loving yourself now and all those who came before in your history. You can create a new future for yourself and the planet. Your only difficulty is doubt. 

That is why we gave you a message on this date in our ascension guide, for if you understand and utilize it today, you will change your life and world.

November 20, 2012

Doubt will always be your greatest obstacle as long as you are in physical form. Obstacle means that it can temporarily block your awareness and prevent you from accessing the full nature of your being.

The irony of this situation is that it is also necessary, for without it, you would not motivated to expand in any way. It causes you to ask questions continually and ultimately seek proof. When you find that proof, which you eventually will, some of that doubt is lessened as you expand further as you intended.

Seek to become comfortable with your doubt and know it has a purpose.


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Please do your job

November 19, 2023

Please do your job. Your job is to become your authentic self and appreciate the effort you put into doing so. 

As you view your life and world today, you will become more motivated to do your job, which will be to love yourself. Your planet wanted your energy, which is why you are here.

November 19, 2020

Your world will heal when you decide to do your job. We want each of you to accept the responsibility for the conditions in your world. Once you have done that, ask yourself what you might do to cause the situation to improve or evolve. When you have that answer, decide to do whatever it might be and watch the manifestations that emerge in your life and the world.

We know that entire paragraph might have been confusing, but now we will have it make sense for so many. You each are born into a time-space continuum to have the conditions, situations, and people in place to facilitate your evolution, which is that of the world. But you must develop and utilize new skills and talents each time you are born. 

Now, you resist what you wanted to develop because they are new, and you have grown to fear the unknown. Every soul does this, and you do it in a manner that is helpful to your evolution, those in your soul family, and, conversely, the world.

We had said you are moving through a massive restructuring in your world occurring within each soul. Please make the mental connections between restructuring, the unknown, and fear. 

It never matters what conditions exist in your world, and yes, you are connected to them all, but it is about what you do with them that allows you to do your job in this lifetime. Please study this message for a while, and what you will discover is its wisdom, which will emerge in your life and the world quite soon. You will be fine. 


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Ascension is a choice

November 18, 2023

Ascension is a choice. It is one only you can make, and you do it gradually throughout your physical life experience. It is not one that all souls will choose, but you have or would not be reading our words. You are not here accidentally, and none of your life experiences were random but arranged by you and the universe to be here now to aid in the planetary ascension.

We have given you a guide and done so on particular days to ease your journey, for we knew it would be challenging. But all you must do is take the next step, and that requires you to release everything old in your life and accept the new person you have become not because of your life experiences but due to them. They provided you the framework to soar now if you ascend to your highest state of being.

What we provided a year ago will resonate more today. Your evolvement is your planet’s ascension. 

November 18, 2022

Please choose your new self today. Yes, you are new today, as in every day you are alive, but this time in your life and world is different because you decided to live through a restructuring. The purpose of which was to cause you and your world to evolve.

You were given something to bring to your world and, therefore, your evolutionary journey. It would also uplift all, but holding that gift back will not aid you or others.

You have held back who you could become due to a lack of belief, a normal part of ascension. 

You may find yourself moving in new directions in your life, which is a part of your path and will not be the same as any other soul. You are meant to own every aspect of yourself, and that action will add to the healing of your world. That is the other reason you are alive, and we hope you begin to take yourself more seriously because you are that essential. 


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Change must come through you

November 17, 2023

Change must come through you. It will never be with anger, hatred, or judgment but only through love. You come to the physical plane with a blueprint for your expansion and to add to the evolvement of your world. 

You exist now to facilitate that change, but you must be willing to let go of what was old, and most of it is generational. But you wanted to make that change, and you do so when you love yourself and recognize your importance.

Please review some of what we provided a year ago on this day, and as you decide to change, so will your world. 

November 17, 2022

You could change your life and the world today. We know most of you will find it challenging to accept that statement, and as you do, we would like you to ask yourself why. 

You are each born with equal talent, ability, and a unique gift, and if you were to actualize it, you could have as much or more influence than anyone else you might witness in your world now. Your only challenge has been total acceptance of your authentic self. 

We reminded Roger of this fact last night and this morning, and he too has difficulty with acceptance, for it is something you each come to in your time and in your manner that serves your evolutionary goal and that of your world, for as we have said, they are the same.

What Roger heard this morning was a reference to what we have provided all these years: the divine plan for humanity. You exist at a time in your world that we have called a restructuring so you can choose what you want your life and society to manifest in your future. You do that by acknowledging who you are and owning your gift.


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You can always do more

November 16, 2023

You can always do more. As you examine your life and world today, you will be moved to do more when you review the message we provided three years ago. You can decide to love yourself more, release your self-judgment, and fulfill your role of becoming your authentic self. Then, you will remember your importance and add light and love to your planet’s ascension. That was always our intention. 

November 16, 2020

You always felt you could have done more. That sentence is accurate for every single person unless, of course, you choose to remain in denial. The current condition of your world will make that difficult to do.

Each of you faces feelings of hopelessness, fear, uncertainty, and even anger. You ordered all of them to show up in your life at this time to aid your evolution and contribute meaningfully to the restructuring of your world. 

Now, the feeling you could have done more is either a conscious awareness of this lifetime or a previous lifetime of which you have no understanding. As usual, it doesn’t matter if you believe that, but it would be helpful for you to attempt. Our following story may help.

For quite some time, we have said that Roger struggled to allow information from us to come through. You have done that because usually, it doesn’t make sense to you what you might be hearing or feeling, but again, nothing is accidental. When you begin to embrace that concept, you will uncover more miracles in your life.

Roger got wind of the conditions in your world today and felt a bit of guilt as he knew from us what to expect and felt his role as a teacher but did not find a way to deliver information that would have helped more. The guilt is entirely pointless and nonproductive, but the awareness will now cause him to make a more significant impact.

You are doing the same thing, and even though it may be uncomfortable for you now, you will come to appreciate moving through this time, and you will do more and be fine.  


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Choose the life you want today.

November 15, 2023

Choose the life you want today. There is no crucial choice you could make and no more important day than today for you to do so. When you make that choice, you choose yourself, an act of love that can change your life and world.

While we know the times in your life and world have been turbulent, we have said they were for a reason: restructuring your evolutionary journey and your planet’s ascension.

As you view the message we provided three years ago, your life and your world, you will find more of your inherent worth and value, which is unlimited. You can accomplish anything in life and the world when you love yourself.

November 15, 2020

You never wanted to change them; you wanted to change you. That sentence is correct for everyone, and not understanding this concept is the source of the discourse you witness in the world and your life. There is no separation.

This morning, we awakened Roger quite early, and he glanced at a news report showing demonstrations and brawls that erupted in the United States’ capital. Of course, we would have to go there, for we have said you all are in a massive restructuring that begins within each of you and never in the other person, although you use others to discover yourself. You will find it challenging to perform self-reflection without the examples provided to you by others.

You each were born to accomplish something unique and congruent with your soul’s evolution and timeline. You don’t have to understand that sentence, but we will have it make sense in your current physical life experience. 

You must come to determine or recognize what you want to achieve in your life now. When Roger observed the conflicts, he realized that many were fighting with one another to find their power and control, but the source of that power and control never existed out there somewhere; it is within each of you.


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You will never be the same

November 14, 2023 

You will never be the same. And when you stop denying who you are, you will be better. You are moving through dynamic, energetic shifts on your planet occurring within you. 

Some of them may surprise you as they emerge, which they did our messenger during our live conversation yesterday. But if you integrate the information we provided on this day in 2012, your restructuring and that of your world will be accelerated.

November 14, 2012

Denial can be a precious tool to use as you strive for expansion. Denial, as it is being used here, means your desires that you prevent yourself from having through your own thoughts, deeds, actions, and words.

You will deny certain relationships because, on some level, you have accepted you do not deserve them. You will deny yourself abundance by unconsciously wasting that abundance you receive or allow to come to you.

When you become willing to acknowledge and notice the times you practice denial, you can make new choices. None of this involves judgment but merely choice.


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We wanted you to choose love

November 13, 2023

We wanted you to choose love. Everything we have given you during your restructuring was to enable you to choose yourself for who you are, which ultimately is love. You will understand what we said three years ago and recognize the reason for our live conversation today.

November 13, 2020

You will do much better this time. Today, we asked Roger to deliver our message without much censoring as he has tended to do. 

When you know your life purpose and begin to believe it, nothing will hold you back, and you will be denied nothing. Yesterday, Roger decided to share a photo online to offer unity in a world of discourse. Much of the current strife is related to the restructuring we have spoken about, and we said the United States would lead the way. 

The photo was of past political leaders of different races and parties but was posed in a photo depicting unity. Of course, Roger only saw unity, but others saw other things through the eyes of their firmly-held biases. You all do this, but it is also an essential aspect of evolution. 

When Roger saw some of the negative or hateful comments, he embraced them. He offered them acceptance. It didn’t matter what they said to him; he decided to love them anyway.

Now, here is the reason we are giving you this story. When you find your purpose, believe it, and pursue it, you will not be deterred this time. Roger knows his purpose is to help others find theirs, for he also knows that your world’s restructuring is accelerated when that occurs.

You spend eons, lifetimes, and periods of civilization thinking there is something you need to get from someone else because you feel you are insignificant when, in fact, you are the world. We will have much more tomorrow as there will be significant shifts in your world today. You will be fine. 


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Everything will change tomorrow

November 12, 2023

Everything will change tomorrow. That is always the case as you are in physical form, but the results of the changes that manifest depend on what you do in your moment of now or today.

We would like for you to envision the life and world you want, for you will possess a more incredible opportunity to bring them to fruition due to the energic changes of your world on your new moon, which is also the purpose of our live conversation with you then.

We use your linear time to aid you in accepting the divine plan of your life and how vital your contribution will be to your planet now. The message we provided a year ago will make more sense today and prepare you for tomorrow. Forgiving and loving yourself is the road to liberation. 

November 12, 2022

You also created the pyramids this way. We have said you are moving through a massive restructuring of your world. You exist to add to that evolution and yours, for they are the same. You contribute by becoming your authentic self, which is the most loving thing you can do. 

We also said we gave you everything you needed to know in 2012, and we began with infinite intelligence. You each possess your unique connection to that intelligence. You can manifest anything you desire as those who created everything that came before, such as your pyramids. 

Many of you are still in disbelief that those creations could have occurred, just as you doubt your life’s purpose at this time in your world.

You may have done many different things in your life before now and might find yourself moving in new directions. Those could be indications you are willing to become your authentic self, but you must first let go of your previously held obligations that may not have served your ultimate life purpose, which is before you now. 


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You knew this before

November 11, 2023

You knew this before. You each come to the physical plane with a mission to accomplish, but you have little memory of what that might be.

We began guiding you through your restructuring in 2012, and our message on this date will aid your expansion now. 

November 11, 2012

Each and every day that you are in physical form, you get better. Better means that you expand in some way. And it is impossible for that not to occur. It is possible, however, for you not to notice it.

You continually gain more information and wisdom. You get better at whatever work you do simply by the mere fact of repetition. Anything that you do repetitively causes you to gain better skill and ability at that thing.

When you get better, all those who come in contact with you benefit from that. This also explains why many societies value their elderly, for they appreciate that they are indeed better and have something to offer. This is true for you also.


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