You will never be the same

November 14, 2023 

You will never be the same. And when you stop denying who you are, you will be better. You are moving through dynamic, energetic shifts on your planet occurring within you. 

Some of them may surprise you as they emerge, which they did our messenger during our live conversation yesterday. But if you integrate the information we provided on this day in 2012, your restructuring and that of your world will be accelerated.

November 14, 2012

Denial can be a precious tool to use as you strive for expansion. Denial, as it is being used here, means your desires that you prevent yourself from having through your own thoughts, deeds, actions, and words.

You will deny certain relationships because, on some level, you have accepted you do not deserve them. You will deny yourself abundance by unconsciously wasting that abundance you receive or allow to come to you.

When you become willing to acknowledge and notice the times you practice denial, you can make new choices. None of this involves judgment but merely choice.


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