Choose the life you want today.

November 15, 2023

Choose the life you want today. There is no crucial choice you could make and no more important day than today for you to do so. When you make that choice, you choose yourself, an act of love that can change your life and world.

While we know the times in your life and world have been turbulent, we have said they were for a reason: restructuring your evolutionary journey and your planet’s ascension.

As you view the message we provided three years ago, your life and your world, you will find more of your inherent worth and value, which is unlimited. You can accomplish anything in life and the world when you love yourself.

November 15, 2020

You never wanted to change them; you wanted to change you. That sentence is correct for everyone, and not understanding this concept is the source of the discourse you witness in the world and your life. There is no separation.

This morning, we awakened Roger quite early, and he glanced at a news report showing demonstrations and brawls that erupted in the United States’ capital. Of course, we would have to go there, for we have said you all are in a massive restructuring that begins within each of you and never in the other person, although you use others to discover yourself. You will find it challenging to perform self-reflection without the examples provided to you by others.

You each were born to accomplish something unique and congruent with your soul’s evolution and timeline. You don’t have to understand that sentence, but we will have it make sense in your current physical life experience. 

You must come to determine or recognize what you want to achieve in your life now. When Roger observed the conflicts, he realized that many were fighting with one another to find their power and control, but the source of that power and control never existed out there somewhere; it is within each of you.


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