Everything will change tomorrow

November 12, 2023

Everything will change tomorrow. That is always the case as you are in physical form, but the results of the changes that manifest depend on what you do in your moment of now or today.

We would like for you to envision the life and world you want, for you will possess a more incredible opportunity to bring them to fruition due to the energic changes of your world on your new moon, which is also the purpose of our live conversation with you then.

We use your linear time to aid you in accepting the divine plan of your life and how vital your contribution will be to your planet now. The message we provided a year ago will make more sense today and prepare you for tomorrow. Forgiving and loving yourself is the road to liberation. 

November 12, 2022

You also created the pyramids this way. We have said you are moving through a massive restructuring of your world. You exist to add to that evolution and yours, for they are the same. You contribute by becoming your authentic self, which is the most loving thing you can do. 

We also said we gave you everything you needed to know in 2012, and we began with infinite intelligence. You each possess your unique connection to that intelligence. You can manifest anything you desire as those who created everything that came before, such as your pyramids. 

Many of you are still in disbelief that those creations could have occurred, just as you doubt your life’s purpose at this time in your world.

You may have done many different things in your life before now and might find yourself moving in new directions. Those could be indications you are willing to become your authentic self, but you must first let go of your previously held obligations that may not have served your ultimate life purpose, which is before you now. 


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