Ascension is a choice

November 18, 2023

Ascension is a choice. It is one only you can make, and you do it gradually throughout your physical life experience. It is not one that all souls will choose, but you have or would not be reading our words. You are not here accidentally, and none of your life experiences were random but arranged by you and the universe to be here now to aid in the planetary ascension.

We have given you a guide and done so on particular days to ease your journey, for we knew it would be challenging. But all you must do is take the next step, and that requires you to release everything old in your life and accept the new person you have become not because of your life experiences but due to them. They provided you the framework to soar now if you ascend to your highest state of being.

What we provided a year ago will resonate more today. Your evolvement is your planet’s ascension. 

November 18, 2022

Please choose your new self today. Yes, you are new today, as in every day you are alive, but this time in your life and world is different because you decided to live through a restructuring. The purpose of which was to cause you and your world to evolve.

You were given something to bring to your world and, therefore, your evolutionary journey. It would also uplift all, but holding that gift back will not aid you or others.

You have held back who you could become due to a lack of belief, a normal part of ascension. 

You may find yourself moving in new directions in your life, which is a part of your path and will not be the same as any other soul. You are meant to own every aspect of yourself, and that action will add to the healing of your world. That is the other reason you are alive, and we hope you begin to take yourself more seriously because you are that essential. 


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