You can always do more

November 16, 2023

You can always do more. As you examine your life and world today, you will be moved to do more when you review the message we provided three years ago. You can decide to love yourself more, release your self-judgment, and fulfill your role of becoming your authentic self. Then, you will remember your importance and add light and love to your planet’s ascension. That was always our intention. 

November 16, 2020

You always felt you could have done more. That sentence is accurate for every single person unless, of course, you choose to remain in denial. The current condition of your world will make that difficult to do.

Each of you faces feelings of hopelessness, fear, uncertainty, and even anger. You ordered all of them to show up in your life at this time to aid your evolution and contribute meaningfully to the restructuring of your world. 

Now, the feeling you could have done more is either a conscious awareness of this lifetime or a previous lifetime of which you have no understanding. As usual, it doesn’t matter if you believe that, but it would be helpful for you to attempt. Our following story may help.

For quite some time, we have said that Roger struggled to allow information from us to come through. You have done that because usually, it doesn’t make sense to you what you might be hearing or feeling, but again, nothing is accidental. When you begin to embrace that concept, you will uncover more miracles in your life.

Roger got wind of the conditions in your world today and felt a bit of guilt as he knew from us what to expect and felt his role as a teacher but did not find a way to deliver information that would have helped more. The guilt is entirely pointless and nonproductive, but the awareness will now cause him to make a more significant impact.

You are doing the same thing, and even though it may be uncomfortable for you now, you will come to appreciate moving through this time, and you will do more and be fine.  


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