Use the present to change your past and manifest your future

November 20, 2023

Use the present to change your past and manifest your future. That is the process you move through while you are in physical form when you incarnate, and it is the same process your civilization uses, but not all will do so.

We are speaking of your ascension process and this time on your planet of restructuring in which you decided to partake because what you came to offer the world would be the element that could produce the global change you want to see, but it must come through you. 

The present is your gift which is the current moment of now for that is only place you can create the future you want. You do that by acknowledging your past, which is also generational, but you change it by loving yourself now and all those who came before in your history. You can create a new future for yourself and the planet. Your only difficulty is doubt. 

That is why we gave you a message on this date in our ascension guide, for if you understand and utilize it today, you will change your life and world.

November 20, 2012

Doubt will always be your greatest obstacle as long as you are in physical form. Obstacle means that it can temporarily block your awareness and prevent you from accessing the full nature of your being.

The irony of this situation is that it is also necessary, for without it, you would not motivated to expand in any way. It causes you to ask questions continually and ultimately seek proof. When you find that proof, which you eventually will, some of that doubt is lessened as you expand further as you intended.

Seek to become comfortable with your doubt and know it has a purpose.


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