Please begin again

March 21, 2022

Please begin again. Those are the words we said to Roger this morning, but they would also go well with you. We have said you and the world are moving through a massive restructuring, and you are alive because you desired to restructure yourself. You are doing what your world is doing, and as more of you come to understand that statement, you will accomplish your life goal.

You are not the same person you were yesterday and definitely an infinitely changed person due to the past several years in your world. But what might not have changed is your awareness of who you have become, and at those times, changing your environment will help with your mindset. We will give you an example to find in your life.

We advised Roger to change his program after today. We also sent him information on a new company that would benefit him as he has accepted the program’s value; it needs to find a new audience. Roger had two events scheduled today that he knew would not serve the best purpose, but out of his feeling of obligation, he was reluctant to cancel even though his intuition said to go with the new company. He listened to us.

As you examine your world today, you might continue to interpret things as a battle between good and bad or evil. We would like you also to consider it a battle between old and new, and it is occurring within each of you. Roger is aware that his initial doubt of what he received had influenced the delivery of the product, but now he knows he could make a more significant difference if he were to focus on what is new.

We are giving you this message for each of you would be wise to work on what is new within your thinking of who you are and what you thought of your potential. You sit in a new place in your life and world if you can embrace your gift. We told Roger to find one passage we gave you in 2012 and place it here for it will help some of you who are limited by linear time also to know your chronological age need not restrict your contribution when you own who you are now.

“Now, with the new awareness you possess, you can make new choices that can directly deliver to you results that may be even more to your liking, but more importantly, your further attempts provide you with the same opportunity to gather even more awareness and knowledge.”

You will be fine.  


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