Your opportunity is before you now

March 15, 2022

Your opportunity is before you now. We will bring together some key points we have given you over the years, along with what we provided in our live conversations. 
We said you chose a time to be born because you knew it would be the best possible time on your evolutionary journey to coincide with the conditions of your world to enable you to choose who you wanted to become. You made that choice because some part of your expansion you had yet to complete. 

Then we said you would use fear and doubt to navigate your way through your life. You have done that because you wanted to arrive at love. We then informed you that your essence was needed in the world now, for you would add your energy to the collective and aid your world in this restructuring. 

Finally, we told you that you hold all the power. We mean you each do, and when you put the energies of all souls together, you create your world. The only manner you accomplish your original life goal is to love yourself, for then that is the energy you will add to the world. 

That collective energy of love will change the current conditions existing in your world if more of you decide to love yourself now. It might make more sense to you now why we said the world you wanted to see is not guaranteed. And why we told you your value has increased. That is why we told you this was the time you wanted to be alive, and the opportunity before you now is to decide to love yourself regardless of any other conditions.

You will then complete both your missions, for they are, in fact, one. You will understand this later, and you will be fine.  


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