The world needed you here now

March 22, 2022

The world needed you here now. We wanted to attract your attention, for we knew you would be somewhat confused when you examined your world today and questioned its direction. We told you that restructuring is occurring in your world and obviously within you or would not be here.

You are alive now because you wanted to accept and embody more of your innate gifts, which you have either judged or resisted. No matter what you have done, you will now have the opportunity to resolve those conflicts within you that are being reflected in your world. We don’t expect you to understand that entirely now, but the message we gave you on this day in 2012 was meant to aid you today. 

We continually use dates and events that occurred before because you carry doubt about the timing and perfection of your existence, and our only goal has been to help you move beyond your fear and doubt. We had Roger find the precise message and intent of all the work we have done with him and what he was meant to bring forth as you are intended to do for your world to evolve. And for this particular shift in your world to become successful, you must own all of yourself, which is why the world needed you here now. You will be fine. 

“Anything that shows up in your physical life experience that you would call an obstacle is always for your highest good. It may appear that something is getting in the way of where you desire to go; however, in actuality, it is helping you to arrive there.

You set forth the goal of expansion, evolving, and becoming more for yourself. In order to accomplish this, many times, you need additional motivation to find a better or more productive way, and the obstacle helps you find it.

Sometimes the way you have chosen is not leading you to that destination, so the obstacle helps you avoid that delay. In either case, it is for your good, and when you begin to recognize this, you will also even become grateful for your obstacles.”

You may now understand our work in a new way, and what we desired for your to understand and embody is detailed here:


Your Liberation Is A Moment Away –

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