They all held fear and doubt

March 23, 2022

They all held fear and doubt. We are speaking to you today about your life and world. They are currently in the same state of being, and you have the opportunity to help your evolutionary journey and your world as well. Your lack of acceptance of that paragraph has been your only life challenge.

 You will look at your world today and want to find the solution, the answer, and the certainty in the current events. You are finding it difficult, and at the same time, you are working against yourself. You can do much more when you understand that the fear and doubt you have experienced throughout your life have also provided you with wisdom and knowledge you could use now when you remember what we said some time ago. You have confused your teachers with your leaders. You are the leader of your life, and all others who came before were your teachers.

This morning Roger had some skin abrasions, which have been a challenge since birth. But he also spent years understanding and utilizing the mind-body connection. He has known part of his journey was to bring greater understanding and awareness to the merging of science and spirituality to further human development and potential.  We then led him to two videos that he understood entirely but allowed his doubt to hold back what he might offer. One video was a scientist explaining that connection which Roger has utilized, and the other was a spiritual leader who is no longer in physical form, and Roger felt he was to carry on with their work. That last sentence was the point of this message.

You each carry a gift within you that you were meant to acknowledge and utilize to help your evolution and the restructuring of your world. Make fear and doubt your friends. Every leader, inventor, philosopher, or influencer used their fear and doubt to add something new to your world, and you possess that opportunity now, and it is all in your thinking. We will continue to help, and you will be fine.  


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