You have never known your value

March 17, 2022

You have never known your value. Now you know why you are alive at this time in your world but more specifically, your evolutionary journey. Today we are giving this message to Roger, and you can each listen in for you will find the similarities in your life. 

We have said you are moving through a massive restructuring in your world and life. You have never experienced what you have in the last few years. Those events have caused you to access parts of yourself previously unknown which is the process of evolution. But somehow, you thought it wasn’t for you. 
We are having a challenging time with this message, for we must first move beyond Roger’s anger, and many of you will experience the same when you discover who you are and how you have held yourself back, and many, like Roger, have done it for eons. 

Roger has been anxiously attempting to get others to take the program we provided and found himself frustrated because he could not convey the value, so he kept referring to the price. But there was more to it than that. He had to know his value first, and he has never done that throughout his life. And that is the restructuring we meant for him. 
As he exhausted himself yesterday and was ready to retire, we told him to search our words for the references to The United States we have given you over the last few years. As he read them, he exclaimed, “my life is changed forever!” He saw the value, and that is where his anger took over, which he will get over, for we had to prepare him for our live conversation with you tomorrow. 

Roger saw that we had given him all the information about what was occurring in your world. He saw that what we said about 2012 was accurate in his timeline. Finally, he understood why he was not as fearful as others, and the reason he understood more is because we gave it to him. 

Every message we gave in 2012 was to prepare you for your world and life now, and everything we gave you from 2020 was to prepare you for tomorrow. We want Roger to record himself reading some of those messages, for it will be more helpful for you. Let’s use our term and call this series “A Guide To Your Restructuring” We will have him record them in parts and place them in chronological order so you won’t miss the synchronicity.

Then, we want him to make a new decision about his value and our program; he woke up broke again as he always gives to others first. That must change so he can help his restructuring and that of your world. You will be fine. 


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