Liberation and healing are the same

March 19, 2022

Liberation and healing are the same. Please give this message more consideration than you might have our other advice. You are in the world now for your healing; otherwise, there would have been no reason for your birth.

We have said your world is moving through a massive restructuring which none of you have experienced. We also told you chose this time to be alive with its complexities because it might enable you to liberate yourself from your self-imposed limitations and restrictions. They can cause restrictions in your physical body which Roger has experienced his entire life. 

We held a live conversation yesterday that was moving for Roger, and he decided to send the recording to his entire mailing list, and he shared it on social media. He then received what he feared and what had kept him in bondage which was a judgment from another who thought our words were not the ones he should be speaking. 

Here is the part we would like you to understand, and it might tell you why you are alive now and how you might help with the healing of yourself and the world. The person said Roger should follow Jesus. Roger said, “I do. I talked with him, and he said I should do as he did and believe that I possess as much as any person granted by God. And Jesus said to love one another and have no judgment.”

That was the moment of Roger’s further liberation. Then he noticed the pain in his foot was gone, and the surgery he thought he needed was no longer necessary. The pain in his shoulder we mentioned in the conversation yesterday was released more. Then we reminded him of the book “Spontaneous Healing, which has been made even more real for him, for he’s experienced it before and speaks of it rarely.  

The more of you who liberate yourself will not only accomplish your goal in this lifetime but aid your world. And not believing you are that essential has been the difficulty in your life and your world at large, which is why you all asked for a restructuring to liberate yourself to cause healing in your world. Study this again, and you will be fine.  


Yesterday’s replay:

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