Your success is at hand

September 22, 2023

Your success is at hand. When we use the word success, it indicates a feeling you have in your life of accomplishment, abundance, and contribution. We say it is at hand now because there is a portion of yourself you have yet to understand, fulfill your potential, and make an energetic shift in your life that would be felt in your world.

We said we have been guiding you through restructuring your life and world and provided messages on specific dates; the one we offered three years ago will make sense today. It would be best if you did not experience any regret, for that would be counterproductive to the change you could make now, which will be most important in your life and world.

Please study the information and take what you can now, for there will be more as there are no limits to what you can create individually and collectively.

September 22, 2020

The secret to success. We will indeed provide you with the secret you’ve sought, but you will still face the dilemma you’ve maintained and entertained for eons, and that is, will you believe it? 

This morning, we led Roger to a video of a reading of the book “The Secret Door to Success” by Florence Scovel Shinn. We have mentioned Florence before and do so again here for context. Roger knew he had read this book more than forty years ago, just as he had read other works of hers. Roger hesitated as he looked at the video this morning before deciding to listen, for he knew he might hear something uncomfortable, of course, as we have always lovingly provided. Yes, we were attempting to inject humor.

The principles espoused in the books have existed throughout your eternity. Still, you don’t understand or accept them until you have extracted the wisdom you were meant to gather in this lifetime. The essence of Florence’s book is that the secret door to success if you are willing to walk through it, is opened by your believing in yourself. That sentence is complicated, so you would reread it.

We will continue with this thread in future messages, for we want you to attempt to embody and truly feel how important you are, for that is the secret door to success, but you must open the door. 


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It’s time for you to fulfill your potential

September 21, 2023

It’s time for you to fulfill your potential. You exist at an extraordinary time on your planet, which means what you possess that could cause evolution in your life and world is awaiting your acceptance.

Everything we have given you was to aid you in releasing your self-judgment and harnessing more of your self-love and belief. We did so three years ago, but you can hear it today. 

September 21, 2020

Become willing to think bigger. As you move through your life, you are presented with numerous opportunities to become the person you desire in this lifetime, but most times, you don’t believe that is possible because those things have yet to manifest. This scenario is accurate for every soul, or you would not be alive now. 

We have given you the idea of possibly having lived many lives, but you don’t have to believe that to understand this story. Roger received a message from a former associate of many years ago. When they met, this person stimulated Roger’s thinking about how to increase his business. Roger noticed his resistance when the associate blurted out what this entity might be called. That resistance arose from his lack of belief and inability to embody fully the vision he was given. 

You each have done this throughout your lives, but it is what you wanted to do as each moment of your life is another step forward to embracing all of you, which is, in essence, evolution. You are doing it now. 

The other part of this story that we didn’t want Roger to miss was that Roger’s business increased the last time this associate appeared. Then, when the name the associate suggested was mentioned, we had emojis show up on Roger’s phone to alert him that this was the right step. Roger doesn’t know whether or not to believe those things were signals, but they were, and you each receive them, but again, you don’t believe them because they are not here yet. They will show up if you decide to think bigger. 


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You were given the world

September 20, 2023

You were given the world. We mean those words both figuratively and literally. You were born with all the abilities and talents of every human but coming to that acceptance and understanding is a process you achieve during your life using linear time. 

We are not restricted in that manner, and we provided a message on this date in 2012 that we wanted you to absorb now, for as you do so, not only will your life and future change but also that of your planet. 

You are that essential. It takes time to accept your importance as it does in your world. Please be patient with both. 

September 20, 2012

You are who you are today because of the sum total of all your experiences, and all of them were good. Subjective words are being used here so that you might gain a deeper understanding of the concept.

They were all good because they provided you with greater awareness, wisdom, and knowledge. They were good because your entire intention in having a physical life journey was to have those experiences. You knew that physical life experience was the only way to evolve spiritually.

It matters not whether you found all of them enjoyable; they gave you greater wisdom. Your choice now is to either be grateful for all of them or mourn them. Your choice determines the quality of the rest of your life.


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You can make this a happy cycle

September 19, 2023

You can make this a happy cycle. We are referring to the conditions you might be experiencing in your life and witnessing in your world. You exist to make a difference, and you will do so when you remember the essence of your being and your connection to all that is. 

You hold all power, but your resistance to change has been your greatest obstacle and can be your greatest asset now. Please take the time to consider what you want in your life, allow your consciousness to accept your vision and your mission will be fulfilled. You are meant to thrive. 

September 19, 2012

Cycles are naturally occurring events in physical life experience. You might think of them as emotional cycles or ups and downs. Nevertheless, they are purposeful and valuable for you, especially when you do not resist them.

These cycles give you perspective, contrast, and also times of rest and work. They provide you with times of reflection to contemplate your physical life journey, where you have been, and where you are headed.

If you attempt to resist any particular cycle, you prolong it and might block the wisdom and knowledge you might gain. Nothing is better than the experience of a happy cycle following a difficult one.


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No one is more valuable than you

September 18, 2023

No one is more valuable than you. If there were one central theme we would like you to receive from our work, it would be that one. When you recognize and remember that inherent truth, you will allow yourself all the abundance, happiness, and joy you are entitled to. You will see others as valuable and contribute to your intended planetary ascension.

This process takes place in your consciousness and over time. The message we provided on this date in 2012 is the one we would like you to embody today, for your energetic acceptance will aid the restructuring of your world. Your value is needed in your world now. 

September 18, 2012

Your value will only be felt by others when it is first owned, accepted, and felt by you. Many times, you go about this process backward. In other words, you seek to find your value from others or your outside world when the entire process is internal.

Your purpose is always expansion, and that expansion or acceptance of your value comes from you and through you. It is always revealed when you earnestly seek to know your value and worth.

Confirmation or acknowledgment of that value from others is always helpful and pleasing, but it does not cause your expansion. That is strictly up to you.


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You were supposed to be different

September 17, 2023

You were supposed to be different. We mean that statement in two ways. First, who you are at your core and the life experiences you have had and will have were intended to be new and unique, and you are the only one who could fulfill that role on your planet.

The second way you were supposed to be different was so you might do more than all those who came before could have done. You will accomplish that when you love who you have become and forgive everything you may have believed about yourself that was wrong. 

Everything we have given you in our ascension guide was designed to lead you to more self-belief and love, and we did so on this date in 2012. Please suspend your disbelief about yourself and your world, for when you accept this message, you will aid your evolution and the planetary ascension. You were needed. 

September 17, 2012

Your goal is always something different. In other words, when you decided to have a physical life experience, it was with the sole intention of adding to your evolvement, that of all others, and your world at large. How you accomplish this is to create something different. There is little value in attempting to recreate what has already been done.

This also requires extreme courage on your part. As you live in your society, there is an emphasis on normality or fitting in. When you hold your belief in something different, you are going against that norm and truly creating.

This all occurs through inspiration, or accessing and allowing spiritual wisdom and knowledge to come to you.


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You hold all power

September 16, 2023

You hold all power. We would like you to study the definition of the word power and apply all the meanings given to your life and world. Then, break that definition down into thoughts. Now, please think of the quality of your thoughts and the energy they activate in your life and world.

We will give you a message we provided in 2012 as we began guiding you through your restructuring or the planetary ascension. As you do so, you will understand that there is no power greater than love, and you hold that awareness and knowledge, and we are reminding you. 

The more of you who remember now, the better your life and world will become because it is all in your hands. 

September 16, 2012

The most valuable gift that you possess is that of conscious thought. This refers to the function of your physical brain and the operation of your spiritual mind. Because you have conscious thought, it provides you with choice. That free will of choice allows you to experience your life however you choose.

You may be tempted to think you are forced to believe a particular way because of what occurs in your physical world. However, your conscious thought allows you to experience anything you desire because you will interpret or perceive everything based on that conscious thought.

You might think back to past events that seemed horrible to you then but now have no effect. That is conscious thought.


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You are manifesting the new world

September 15, 2023

You are manifesting the new world. You will do so by how much you decide to forgive and love yourself. There is no other person with more power and ability to accomplish that goal than you.

We have been guiding you through restructuring your world for centuries, but we will refresh your memory with a message we gave you on this date a year ago. You can accept it more now. We hope you accept your importance now. 

September 15, 2022

We gave you a philosophy. We are beginning today with a further explanation of all the material we have provided over the last several years, for now, is the time you are meant to accept more. 

You are each born with equal ability, talent, and skills you could utilize to manifest a magnificent life. You will make different choices about who you decide to become, and you never know what that might be when you are born, but it would allow you to evolve if you were to accept what you were given. 

You decided to be alive during the restructuring of your world, and as we said, it was also generational, meaning you are meant to accomplish something more than your ancestors or all those who came before. You will contribute when you decide to love yourself, and you do that by accepting every aspect of who you are, and that is your authentic self.

Yesterday, we had Roger write a post on social media apologizing that he could not be as attentive as he was in joining other groups or programs because he had a philosophy to deliver. None of those words were accidental, for he knew that was accurate, but like you, he has carried his fear and doubt even with all the evidence we have provided. You have done the same thing and were meant to; otherwise, no evolution would occur. 

September 15, 2012

Starting again allows you to create fun and adventure in your physical life experience with whatever you attempt to do, be, or become. Each time you decide to start again, you come with heightened awareness and understanding. 

Each time you start again, you activate new knowledge, wisdom, and abilities that might have previously escaped your awareness.

Many times, however, when you held the thought to start again, you have judged yourself as having failed in some way previously. In actuality, failure never occurs. It is merely added wisdom you gain from every attempt.

– Wilhelm

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Self-acceptance is your superpower

September 14, 2023

Self-acceptance is your superpower. It would have to be you, or you would not be reading our words as you have never been in an accidental place. You consciously decide when you hear your guidance and when you decide to accept your significance.

We provided a message on this date three years ago that you may better understand and accept now, and that process occurs in your consciousness.

September 14, 2020

Please stop minimizing yourself. Yes, we are speaking to you, and you have done this. But the good news is that is what you were meant to do in this lifetime. How could you expand, evolve, and become more unless you had minimized yourself? Now we will prove it to you.

We awakened Roger a bit earlier today, which is typically the best way we capture his attention. Many of you have questioned your sleepless nights, and most times, they occur because your guides are attempting to get you to listen to that very guidance. 

What we asked Roger was, “What is your intention?” We were speaking specifically about the webinar he is holding this Wednesday. Roger’s initial idea was to share part of his life’s journey, hoping that others would understand why he is passionate about his work. As Roger prepared his presentation, he began questioning how much he should include or reveal and how relevant it might be to his audience.

The most surprising thing about our encounter with Roger this morning is his continued blindness to what he is on earth to do, just like you. Roger said to his friend the other day, who is older and has contemplated writing about their life, and others encouraged them. Still, they felt their life experience wasn’t that significant, and Roger said everyone’s life is meaningful, and your story would help another. Each of you is supposed to do that. And Roger was attempting to make another choice and minimize himself again, as you have done. 

In the middle of his questioning this morning, an alert on his phone said, “Why I teach singing.” It was an advertisement for T-shirts, but Roger knew it wasn’t accidental and we were giving him his answer. How could he hope to explain that or fulfill his intention while minimizing himself?

Then we told him to look up the word iteration as we wanted him to study it, but Roger thought most would not understand the word, so we told him to write the definition here, and all of you will know what you are doing this lifetime. We meant every one of these words.

Iteration: the process of doing something again and again, usually to improve it or one of the times you do it.

Please note Roger did not underline those words but copied this directly. Nothing is accidental. 


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You have yet to fulfill your potential

September 13, 2023

You have yet to fulfill your potential. That potential is the element implanted within you at birth, and your life experiences have revealed much of what you were meant to achieve. Because you also possess free will, you are at liberty to make any choice about the life and world you want to experience and decide how willing you are to thrive.

We provided a message on this lucky day ten years ago that you would do well to implement now. It never matters what you have done previously. The life and world you desire can only be manifested now. 

You can decide to love and forgive yourself even more and aid the restructuring of your world, which is in your hands.

September 13, 2013

Recreate yourself today. This would be a good mantra for you to remember and use each day as you awaken. You have this opportunity in every moment of now, but it might be easier to fully utilize it when you use it upon arising.

It is also no accident that you can interpret that word in different ways. You can think of it as re-create, or to make new, and you can also think of it as recreation, which is precisely how you intended it to feel. 

This also serves as a reminder that when you place a playful and fun attitude in your awareness before you begin to attempt anything, the process is much more enjoyable, especially recreating you.


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