Self-love is your journey

July 9, 2024

Self-love is your journey. We are stating it in that manner as we refer to a message we provided a year ago on this date when we said self-love is the journey and the destination. The one point we add is that you are never complete with that journey as long as you are in physical form, so there is always more for you to do. Your potential is unlimited.

We are also saying this because many of you are judging yourselves for where you thought you should have been in your life or what you should have achieved. Then, you move into a period of regret, as our messenger experienced when he read that message yesterday in a video we would like him to share today.

Regret momentarily dissipates your current moment energy and prevents you from taking your next step.

You always have a choice to take the next step on your evolutionary path and it will always be one that leads you to self-love. It is what you wanted as does your world which is why you are in the midst of a restructuring and the purpose of our guide.

You will choose self-love when you become willing to move beyond your fear.


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Here’s the video.

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