You might still be denying who you are

July 10, 2024

You might still be denying who you are. That is a natural part of your evolving process when you come into physical form, but we wanted you to do more due to the current restructuring.

We will begin with the guidance we provided three years ago. You will understand why we used a title that was shocking to many, but we wanted to capture your attention.

July 10, 2021

The only sin you could commit now is to deny who you are. We are speaking to each of you who may read our words. You were born into the world at a specific time in your evolutionary journey because you knew it would be a time when your expansion would be enhanced and the world would evolve due to your being born. You also have difficulty accepting the words we just gave you, but you will begin to believe more, and we will do everything in our power to help you. 

Roger rarely knows the specific information we send him, and he spent most of his life not trusting it, as you might have. However, due to this restructuring, he has moved to a new level. As have you. You would not be here now if that were not true.

Roger knows his life experiences have provided him with the ability to aid others, but he still doubts himself until he has proof, as many of you do, so he knows it has become his role to offer that proof to the rest of you.

We had him find another live conversation held two years later that will help you understand and hopefully accept your evolving consciousness so you can take the next step into authenticity, which means stopping denying who you are and can become. Roger will do the same.


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Here’s that session.

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