You have so much to give now

July 8, 2024

You have so much to give now. We say that because you have evolved. A part of your life journey is to recognize what you have gained and become grateful for that. Then, you manifest the life you want and aid your world in its restructuring, as you do for yourself.

We provided a message several years ago that you will understand and utilize today. You may not have known how much you have to give, but now you will.

July 8, 2012

If you were to continually focus on what you can give, you would never want for anything at all. This concept, when you consider that you create your own reality, will become much easier for you to accept. It’s a powerful reminder that you are the architect of your own life.

The idea follows Universal Law, and you can’t change it. When you focus on what you can give, you affirm your own worth and abundance. The moment you shift your thinking to what you might get, you affirm lack and, therefore, create more of the same in your experience.

The real you has more than enough to give.


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Please watch this video from our messenger that will tie it all together nicely.

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